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Re: Channel 4's Benefits Street = Life at the Bottom

To me, this program clearly validates the arguments Dalrymple long made in his City Journal and Spectator columns: the unwillingness of those on the dole to work, their moral confusion, the simple ignorance of how to live. This may be a minority opinion here, but many of the residents seem quite lik...
by Clinton
12 Feb 2014, 21:31
Forum: Welfare & the Underclass
Topic: Channel 4's Benefits Street = Life at the Bottom
Replies: 19
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Re: Any Dalrymple articles you disagree with?

I disagree with "Don't Legalize Drugs". I believe that at least some drugs, such as marijuana, should be legalized. Unbelievably, he calls Lady Chatterley's Lover unrealistic on the grounds that "no father would speak of his daughter in this men's-locker-room manner nor any widower of...
by Clinton
29 Jan 2012, 15:50
Forum: Articles
Topic: Any Dalrymple articles you disagree with?
Replies: 12
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Re: Dalrymple quotations

"How is it that today there are so many Descartes when in the 17th Century there was only one?" - In Praise of Prejudice

(from memory)
by Clinton
05 Oct 2011, 02:52
Forum: Theodore Dalrymple
Topic: Dalrymple quotations
Replies: 51
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Some of my favourite music

My favorite is Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. Most of my favorite composers seem to be the 19th Century Russian romanticists. As a non-musician (who nevertheless finds music easily the most enjoyable artistic medium), I find the romantic stuff the most accessible to my untrained ear. I don't see h...
by Clinton
09 Aug 2011, 22:57
Forum: Music
Topic: Some of my favourite music
Replies: 1
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Re: Left-wing teachers

I would answer that sometimes it is overt (my Iranian religion professor who said that the invisible hand must have arthritis...this just after the fall of communism), but like most bias, the bias in the academy is mostly unconscious. I have often noticed that most leftists do not know that they are...
by Clinton
09 Aug 2011, 22:33
Forum: Education
Topic: Left-wing teachers
Replies: 104
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Re: How did you hear of Dalrymple?

I had heard of him on National Review Online for a couple of years before finally buying Life At The Bottom. I had always thought the idea of a prison doctor writing about his experiences, and the idea of someone's status in life being the result of their ideas, sounded fascinating. But it was a cou...
by Clinton
09 Aug 2011, 22:15
Forum: Theodore Dalrymple
Topic: How did you hear of Dalrymple?
Replies: 46
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Re: George Orwell - a closet conservative?

Great post, Elliott. I remember when my brother Steve told me that Orwell was a socialist, and I could not believe it. It says a great deal about his potential latent conservatism (as well as his broad-mindedness) that he is most famous for his criticisms of the left. The brilliant Florence King onc...
by Clinton
09 Aug 2011, 20:44
Forum: Public Figures
Topic: George Orwell - a closet conservative?
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Re: Ex-liberals: when were you mugged by reality?

Believe it or not, my conversion was the result of my university experience. Yes, my university was left-wing like almost all universities. But I studied economics. And modern economics instruction (which is in the Neoclassical school) runs counter to almost everything the left believes. By my gradu...
by Clinton
09 Aug 2011, 20:21
Forum: Other Topics
Topic: Ex-liberals: when were you mugged by reality?
Replies: 42
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