Is the Guardian institutionally racist? (2005)

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Is the Guardian institutionally racist? (2005)

Postby Nathan » 10 May 2013, 12:44

I'd never seen this article before. It doesn't cast that much light on TD's own views on race or Britain's population becoming more multi-ethnic aside from praising Indian corner shop owners, but mentions some home truths about why 'race relations' in this country is predominantly seen through a black-white prism when black people are not even the most numerous minority group in this country, and brings some Guardian hypocrisy to light.

The people who run and write The Guardian have deep, suppressed and subliminal doubts about the equality of human races. To prove to themselves that they do not have such doubts, they overcompensate by publishing as many photographs of blacks as possible in their pages.
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Re: Is the Guardian institutionally racist? (2005)

Postby Andreas » 12 May 2013, 16:12

A similar psychology seems to be at work with American politicians and elected officials; whenever they appear on television, if there are people standing behind them, there are invariably at least a few black people. Not that there shouldn't be, but it is obviously arranged or staged that way. I used to think this was just to curry favor and try to get votes, and this is probably one reason, but there may be other, less obvious and unconscious motivations, such as the one Dalrymple suggests for the Guardian. His term "moral entrepreneurs and bureaucrats" perfectly describes the relatively recent "diversity" bureaucracy in the U.S.
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