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How to post book links

PostPosted: 04 Mar 2012, 17:56
by Gavin
If you would like to post a link to a book as seen here, then use the "booklink=" button on the posting toolbar.

You'll need to be a little web-savvy to achieve the aim:

  • You need to go to and look up the title in question and retrieve its unique ID from the URL. This will visible as something like 0826450946.
  • You'll also need to go to Google Images and type in the title of the book. Find a final link to an image of the book cover, without white space, and at medium size.
  • Having clicked the "booklink=" button you need to insert these two strings in exactly the format shown when you hover your mouse over the button, also providing the title and author of the book, which will be used as alternative text. You omit the curly braces, but you need to ensure the commas and spacing are the same as in the tooltip!

If you can do this successfully, behind the scenes code will do the rest by scaling the image and generating the link. Good luck! If this fails, just post a standard text link (I might convert this into a book link in your post at some time).