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Hello "lurkers"

PostPosted: 09 May 2012, 21:40
by Gavin
It's Internet parlance, isn't it? We don't use a lot of that on here. There aren't many smiley faces, misspellings, there's isn't any belligerence, there are no flame wars, no snide remarks. I've never seen the accursed "LOL" since this site started. The fact is that the trolling and spam which infest virtually all other Internet forum pollute debate. They're not allowed here.

There is unashamedly a barrier of entry to this site: you need to be able to be polite and able to make substantive, thoughtful points. If you can't do that you're not welcome. If you can, and you haven't contributed yet, come on in!

You don't need to agree entirely, in fact it'll be interesting if you don't. You don't even need to have read much Dalrymple (but I think you're missing out if you don't). You need just need to be intelligent enough to be able to make some interesting points, spell reasonably well and be humble enough to accept correction on occasion.

I will not reveal your identity or e-mail address except under force of law.

If you feel hunkered down in a society whose values increasing do not fit with yours, this could be the place to discuss how you feel. We currently receive about 150 unique vistors per day. Have a good read of threads to get to know the kinds of things different contributors say, then come on in.