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Postby Gavin » 01 Aug 2011, 12:05

Here are some other interesting topics people might like to pick to discuss as new threads (if they're crossed out the you'll find a thread on them):

  • The Age of Narcissism? Mainly enabled by YouTube, we have a whole generation of unremarkable people who think they are special just because they can upload videos to YouTube. They have no special skills or knowledge and no humility, but a lot of hits from similarly undiscerning people. Frequently people just rambling at the camera, people who love their own appearance and the sound of their own voice. Discuss.
  • The Milgram Experiment
  • Monarchy (value of)
  • Is colonisation always really wrong?
  • The Downward Spiral (I'll elaborate)
  • TD's disagreement with the "New atheists" - relevant essays
  • The Overton Window
  • Is democracy a good idea? Perhaps it is the best of all bad systems. What about direct democracy?
  • Is it right to bring children, new lives, into this society? Is it indeed our duty to have children to combat the mass third world and Islamic immigration?
  • Drugs (legalisation of)
  • Peter Singer's ethics (Dalrymple has objected to them)
  • Should long term welfare dependants be allowed pets (if they cannot look after themselves)?
  • Do people have a right to have children?
  • Does prison work? (Dalrymple is generally in favour of it - I favour the chain gangs I have seen in the United States)
  • Is the "care in the community" policy a good idea? (Since some mental patients have been known to kill people since being released. Only yesterday a man ranted for the entire journey aboard a bus on which I was travelling.)
  • How can the BBC survive the online revolution? Will it need to change its license fee terms? Will people accept this? (I currently pay nothing for the BBC but sometimes watch the programmes it gives away for free online.) Should the BBC survive?
  • If anybody has seen the film Strange Days they will see how a black market in virtual reality may develop. (See also the film Surrogates.) Are people spending too long on computer games? Will they spend too long in virtual reality in future too?
  • Will Bat Ye'or's Eurabia become a reality?
  • What should be the UK policy on immigration? Should we be printing benefits literature in multiple languages (costing millions at taxpayers' expense)?
  • Should our police be paying £10 million per year for translators for foreign criminals? If you commit a crime abroad you may be asked to fund your own translator if you embassy cannot provide one.
  • The Human Rights Act is what prevents us deporting people who come to our country, collect benefits while plotting against our country and even kill people here. Assuming it is obvious this must be abolished, how can it be done?
  • Should the burqa be banned in Britain?
  • When in Rome
  • Clique/group behaviour
  • London's daily murder rate - murder map
  • Saturation of choice in society - in career choice and in choice of "partner". Causes paralysis and inaction.
  • Capitalism and personal wealth limitation
  • Confirmation bias
  • Vigilantism
  • Is intelligence a disadvantage in modern society? You will be more lonely, less able to claim benefits.
  • How important is truth and stating the truth? Sometimes it can be harmful (bearing on political correctness).
  • The Jews. Religious beliefs as irrational as the next group, cruel animal slaughter commonplace, but nonetheless a disproportionately high achieving people in pretty well every field?
  • Why do women stay with men who beat them/abuse them? I have my own views on this.
  • Community payback (I've seen it and like it).
  • Criminals being made to meet their victims. Sometimes a good thing, I think (e.g. in the case of burglary).
  • The Irish situation. Why are the English there? Isn't it bizarre that the country has this small area at the top that is part of the UK? If those people love the UK so much should they not move over to the mainland?
  • Hypocrisy of lefties on capitalism when it comes to their beloved fake hippy corporations such as Apple and Virgin
  • Pornography
  • Black culture holding boys back
  • Why is halal food still legal, and unmarked as such, sold as the norm in schools etc, when animals killed by non-Muslims must be pre-stunned? There is an exemption to British law allowing unnecessary cruelty in order to appease Muslims (and to a much lesser degree, Jews). Why is this allowed to continue and what hope is there for changing it in a democracy as the number of Muslims continues to increase?
  • Sociology, anthropology, psychology. Are any of these real subjects? I have never heard any psychiatrist on the radio say anything more than common sense.
  • Zeno's paradoxes - please solve them, they're irritating me
If you can relate these to Dalrymple's writing then, of course, all the better.
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