Do people need "the holy"?

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Do people need "the holy"?

Postby Yessica » 11 Feb 2014, 08:32

I know Dalrymple has written about this but I have no read it yet.

I have been told that the conservative movement in the USA is strongly associated with the Christian religion.

The leftists movement in Europe is powerful and it seems to be a-religious at the first glance, but is it really? It has it's concept of "original sin" (being born into a privileged group), it has it's atonment: the Christian will not eat flesh for religious reaons, the leftist will not eat flesh because he does not want to consume to much of the world's ressouces - I think he is right by the way here - the world's ressources are limited.

Leftism even has his holy reliques. The story of the red flag as told in songs popular with German leftists:

from the song Des Volkes Blut, my translation wrote:Red is the flag which we uncoil as it is soiled by the blood of the people. (Rot ist das Tuch, das wir entrollen, klebt doch des Volkes Blut daran)

from the song Freiheit oder Tod, my translation wrote:Gather round the holy flag of freedom - one by one. (Um der Freiheit heil'ges Banner schart Euch Mann für Mann).

What we see is a relique (the flag), soild by the blood of a matyr (the people).

In addition there is a promise for the future heaven / the classless society / the multicultural paradise which will be heaven on earth.

What do you think? Do people just need some kind of religion or a substitute?
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Re: Do people need "the holy"?

Postby Grant » 11 Feb 2014, 10:52

Yessica, I feel there are those who simply go through their lives with little introspection or thought while others prefer to think or hope their lives should have a purpose and meaning. This purpose is sometimes supplied by a religious belief while others, including me, prefer to ascribe to a life that hopefully contributes to the greater good without a reliance on supernatural guidance or intervention. As the marvellous Mark Twain wrote "Faith is believing something you know ain't true."
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