Why the escapism into "worse worlds"?

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Why the escapism into "worse worlds"?

Postby Yessica » 11 Apr 2014, 08:16

Kevin mentioned escapism in the thread about Austen.
I started another thread because what I am going to say is not about her.

I have noticed a tendency (more pronounced in men) of people "escaping" into "dark fantasies", such as Zombie apocalypse, break-down of civilization the world is runned by gangs, outbreak of deadly viruses, WWIII and the like.

It is easy to understand why a person would wish to escape to a better place, but why wishing to escape to a place that is much worse?

My theory: because people want to matter. If you are living in a world overrunned by Zombies and have to safe children from being eaten every day you know exactly what the purpose of your life is... in our world it is a little more difficult.

That is however just a guess. How do other think about this and what reason do you see for the gender difference? 95% of the persons which I know that are into zombies are male.
Insight from men would be great. My husband is not really a fan of zombies. I may not ask him.
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Re: Why the escapism into "worse worlds"?

Postby Elliott » 17 Apr 2014, 04:00

I think it's because:

  • as you say, people want to matter
  • it would be exciting
  • disaster appeals to the male mindset - emergency, urgency, courage, initiative, flexible thinking, problem-solving, etc.
  • everything would be different - so, an end to the PC age we hate so much
  • it would enable us to impress women
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Re: Why the escapism into "worse worlds"?

Postby Andrea » 17 Apr 2014, 11:20

I think men are into video games and zombies and the like because they are (in effect) neutered in society and these games provide a sort of replacement for what they need. Someone once mentioned that zombies are the equivalent of foreigners invading one's country. Perhaps, subconsciously, these videos tap into males' feelings of needing to protect their nation from "zombies" whilst they are increasingly unable to do so in real life. I'm sorry if I'm not making myself clear.
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