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Signed book

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 02:01
by Schneider398
My name is Erica Schneider and he is my brother's favorite author. I'm looking for a signed book for him as a present for Christmas and his law school graduation. Does anyone know where to get one or have one they're selling?

Re: Signed book

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2014, 12:24
by Gavin
Hello Erica. Sounds like your brother has great taste - direct him here! ;)

I dare say you could contact the publisher and see if you can purchase TD book pre-signed from them. If not, buy one anywhere you can and see if you can send it via them for signing. I guess if you paid the various postage they might send it on to TD for his signature and it could make its way back to you.

TD occasionally visits the US to speak too, so your brother might be able to see him there.