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Funny attempts at English

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2013, 11:29
by Gavin
Attempts by Asians in particular at English are often very amusing, resulting in "Engrish", "Japlish" or "Chinglish" (see a whole site devoted to Engrish!).

Oops, was that un-PC? Did I "offend" someone, or someone with nothing better to do, on someone else's behalf? Lefties, get a life: my Japanese friends used to laugh about this as well.

I'm usually Mac-based but I got a remote control for a PC the other day. Great example of Chinglish on the back - click and zoom to read!


I suppose the reason this is funny whereas the general degradation of English with ebonics etc. isn't, is that these people are in a completely alien culture and are living there, so cannot really be expected to get a good grip on English. It's funny that they don't really bother, too. That's not the case when the mistakes are made by those who are living in your country (and have done, in some cases, for generations). Also, I suppose, it is permitted to laugh at mistakes by Asian people (and, of course, white people) but certainly not those by black people.