When do you tend to write on the forum?

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When do you tend to write on the forum?

Postby Gavin » 13 Mar 2012, 21:12

I use an Android phone and get notified of everything, every e-mail, every calendar reminder, all of the RSS feeds of interest to me. So many distractions! This means that I usually soon know of forum contributions when they are made and can have a quick look at them. I usually check my phone soon after it wakes me up (it's running my life!) and I find forum contributions not only from our antipodean contributors but also sometimes from our UK friends. Since I go to bed usually much later than is my plan (around 1am) this means some people are going to bed very late!

It might take me a day or so, and I am not really able to afford the time at the moment to make the kind of in-depth posts I would like, but I usually reply to topics within a day or so and I do this first thing in the morning. I like contributing here a lot, but if I do it first thing then it's done and I have some hope of achieving all the other things I want to do in the day (usually a forlorn hope - days speed by!).

When I used to write more, on my own blog, I couldn't spare much time then either, but I think I was exposed to more, such that I felt I just had to write. I would often write articles on my phone, on the tube. After moving out of London and after discovering various writers such as Ed West and (of course) Dalrymple, I have felt a good deal better and have felt less urgency because frankly they usually articulate exactly what I want to say, they do it well, and I know it's out there getting publicity.

Anyway, I'm curious, when do you find time to get a few words down here?
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Re: When do you tend to write on the forum?

Postby Elliott » 13 Mar 2012, 21:49

I sometimes note down ideas for threads when they occur to me at work. As for actually writing them, that's usually at night. I am often awake well into the wee hours, playing Chopin and typing away.
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Re: When do you tend to write on the forum?

Postby Rachel » 14 Mar 2012, 19:53

I always post at night time. I've always had insomnia and this board is a nice distraction when you can't sleep at night.
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Re: When do you tend to write on the forum?

Postby Caleb » 15 Mar 2012, 01:11

I post at work, between classes. Sometimes, I post on the weekend at home. I rarely post at home during the week.
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