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George MacDonald Fraser

Postby Darian » 03 Apr 2012, 04:21

I assume many on this forum have heard of the Flashman novels by George MacDonald Fraser. The books revolve around the fictional Victorian soldier and anti-hero Harry Paget Flashman who is, according to his wiki page, a self-described scoundrel, liar, cheat, thief, coward and a toady, whose cowardice is always misinterpreted as heroism in the end. I have yet to read them myself but my brother is quite fond of them and implores that I read them.

It came to my attention that Fraser's views on modern Britain were quite Dalrymplian, especially his hatred of political correctness. A few days after he died in 2008 the Daily Mail published this article penned by him ( It's full of views and arguments we are quite familiar with as readers of TD but I still suggest you take a look at it.

Here is the first part of an interview with him on the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs that I found interesting:

What I found amusing was the interviewers inability to understand his views on war and killing, as well as his complete lack of sentimentality about it. I suppose baby boomers have grown accustomed to complete cynicism and pacifist sermonizing about warfare that such a view confuses them, from what I can tell from the veterans I've met who fought on the allied side is that they are generally quite proud of their service and do not regret it. It is a common belief among leftists that most of those who go to war do so unwillingly, but their is little truth to this.

I suppose many leftists would point to people like George MacDonald Fraser as a way to dismiss conservatism, saying that most of their views are just a natural nostalgia for the time of their youth that inevitably comes with growing old and bitter, and then would swiftly remind them that you can't turn back the clock. There are worst sins than nostalgia though. In fact, it seems to me that Britain could do with more nostalgia, people would realize things actually once were better, and they can be again.
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Re: George MacDonald Fraser

Postby Damo » 12 Apr 2012, 14:10

Give it another few years and Mr. Fraser's books will be editted to comply with PC or banned outright altogether.
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