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Re: Moribund?

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2015, 16:43
by Lindsey
Yeah or could have had luis suarez tattooed on the side of his head! I can't actually remember what he wanted, I was mostly staring at his half an ear

Re: Moribund?

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2015, 17:30
by Jonathan
I also read the twitter feed regularly, and keep an eye out for new posts.

I don't have as much idle time browsing the web at my current job,however - much less than I had in the past. This also means that when I do come by, I'm often using my mobile phone, which makes posting more difficult. I'm typing this one-handed, with an unsleepy baby in the other.

I recall in the past a period of reduced activity. After a few months - or perhaps even a year - our personal lives permitted more online time, and things changed. It might turn out the same, this time around.

Re: Moribund?

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2015, 00:52
by Kevin R
Gavin wrote:I gain great pleasure (perhaps I should say "solace") from writing about unpleasant things I have had to encounter, Kevin. As readers might know, I lived up close and personal among the underclass for more than two years, and prior to that I lived near Tooting, which has now been largely colonised by people of third world culture. There are many anecdotes of these times on the forum.

The way I see it is that to write about these things is both immediately cathartic and serves the larger purposes of both informing others of reality and making a last stand for decency. It’s journalism, really, but un-PC journalism. It’s telling the truth about what one encounters as a civilised person in Britain today - it’s what Dalrymple himself does so well.

So I would urge everyone to feel free to do that on this forum - it has great value.

I still find that I can barely be among the British public for a single outing without seeing seeing evidence of narcissism, depravity and tattoos and hearing F-words and inane conversation - and that is indeed in Windsor. I often say to my wife that if it’s like that here then pretty much the whole UK has gone now, really. You say things to yourself like “Oh, all the decent people are at home - they don’t come out at weekends”. You try things like that, but you hardly ever see a kind-faced, civilised person these days, anywhere, it seems. Everyone seems to be so common and vulgar. Or left-inclined liberals who excuse the decline they must see around them. So bring on any anecdotes, sure.

Right you are then Gavin..

I'll wander over to the 'Social Decay' department and get a few jottings going. It is, as you say, a curious kind of necessary catharsis, and a lot cheaper than professional counselling! I find that there is a disconcerting tendency in my mind to mingle disgust at the rapid magnitude of the descent with a nagging anthropological curiosity regarding the pathologies of it.

I won't be saying anything new, but It does one good to get it off the chest.