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Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 09:08
by Gavin
Apparently Tommy will be live on Sunday Politics at 11am. This time it is with Andrew Neil who is known to be slightly more right wing, but he's still working within the BBC system, so don't expect much fairness or sympathy for TR's concerns about Islam.

I'm not sure whether I will bother to annotate this one - let me know if anyone else intends to!

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 10:14
by Gavin
I will be writing this up - I'm shocked.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 11:10
by Gavin
Tommy Robinson was given a very rough ride here by Andrew Neil, who focused almost entirely on ad hominems and had a very transparent agenda to demonise the EDL. He barely allowed Tommy to get a word in regarding his actual concerns. Here's how it went:

  • Neil says that "many" members of the EDL are ex-BNP or NF. Perhaps this is true, but I'm not sure how he can know, or how it actually would be relevant to validity or otherwise of the points raised.
  • He says their opponents point to frequent violence at rallies, but does not mention that this is invariably perpetrated by "Unite Against Freedom".
  • Neil begins speaking to TR by attacking him over his use of names (clear ad hom and nothing to do with the concerns at hand).
  • Then tries to tarnish him by him having briefly been a member of joined BNP. This is indeed regrettable but he left when he knew more about it and again this actually has nothing to do with the concerns now. It's an ad-hom again.
  • Neil on relentless attack. No sympathy at all for the death threats he says TR has "claimed" to receive.
  • They play the worst quote they can find from Tommy, after some Muslim outrage when he says the EDL will defend the UK. He wants Muslims to clean up their own back yard and says the the community will feel the "full force" of the EDL if they don't. There have been no attacks as yet, just democratic force, but this makes no difference to Neil.
  • TR responds well - fights back against all the "Nazi" claims.
  • Neil accuses TR of being violent. This forms part of a focused volley of ad homs. Neil is carefully avoiding any of the relevant issues.
  • The EDL is full of football hooligans, says Neil (maybe true, but they still have a point). "You expect us to believe you are like girl guides when you wear balaclavas." As usual, whenever TR puts up a defence they can't refute, it is ignored as if it wasn't said at all.
  • Some supporters want to burn down mosques, says Neil. Two EDL supporters were convicted of planning to burn down mosques. TR explains they were not formal members and anyway these plans are nothing compared with what Muslims have planned and actually done in the UK. Neil ignores the point that the Quran backs up the Muslims but nothing backs up the stray "EDL".
  • TR points out that the BBC are quick to blame EDL for such things but never blame Islam or leading Muslims for terrorist plots every week.
  • Neil never admitting any good points at all.
  • Tommy should be asking more questions. Does Neil agree with the child grooming, clitorectomies, halal, self segregation, the cost of translation, bigamy, etc.? Would Neil like to live in a Muslim majority suburb of Luton?
  • Neil shows photos of men waving and says this is "Nazi salutes" (probably not). Tommy points out that the problems with Islam have not even been discussed so far.
  • Neil tries to shut Tommy up whenever he tries to make a point.
  • Neil says that the grieving parents of Lee Rigby "have pleaded with you to stop exploiting his death". This is actually not true. They just asked for non-violence. I dare say they probably support the EDL, but actually whether they do or not may not be crucially relevant.
  • Every valid point TR makes is entirely ignored - it is a series of attacks.
  • Neil tries the Help for Heroes line of attack. Tommy says this was PC and he knows many active soldiers support him because they tweet him. Neil tries to shut him up on this.
  • Neil tells Tommy re. the killer of Lee Rigby that we must say "alleged".
  • Neil calls EDL street thugs, fascists, etc. - no examples of thuggery yet. Anyway Tommy could even admit this to some degree but still none of their concerns have actually been discussed at all. If they were, then there would be no need for the EDL.
  • Tommy finishes with a good speech, says it's time middle England took notice.

Now Neil interviews a Muslim from the Muslim Council of Brtiain. Complete change of tone.

  • The man says Muslims are concerned about the "rhetoric".
  • We've seen mosques attacked, he says. Neither he nor Neil point out that it could have been anyone who did this.
  • There is no justification for extremist violence in Islam or in Islamic history, says the man.
  • He says he knows what is being said in every mosque in the UK (ears of God?!) and there is no extremism at all. It's all the media's fault. No protest from Neil on this.
  • Neil says too many Muslims live in closed communities - first fair point so far.
  • Farooq says we must "formulate strategies". No, how about just stop.
  • "Conservativism" within Islam is the problem, says Farooq. Nice, nice.. tarnish conservatism at the same time.
  • Muslims must engage further in "civic society" and politics, he says. You bet! No problem there, Farooq. They're doing it..
  • Neil finishes by mentioning the latest violence - one Muslim seems to have attacked another with a machete inside a mosque in Birmingham. That's nothing to do with Islam, just a knife attack, says Farooq.

That's it, folks. Very hard for Tommy Robinson, this one, but he did as well as can be expected given the extreme bias and the sheer amount of ad hominems.

Comments like this coming on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 12.08.25.png

Incidentally, I think he may be receiving a bit of media coaching from Pamela Geller and Ropert Spencer - possibly Paul Weston too. I wonder why Paul Weston is never on there. Perhaps TR could nominate him instead some time.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 11:17
by Gavin
When the bias is this transparent one wonders why the BBC does it.

It can only be because they wish to avoid civil war. But perhaps this attitude of demonisation actually brings on that day. It would be better if they had a measured chat with TR. Get him to be clear that he condemns violence, just once, then move on and discuss the issues in a balanced manner and what should be done about them. They're so scared, though.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 11:31
by Nathan
Thanks for writing this up, Gavin, because I didn't know TR was going to be on. If TR is willing to go on the BBC every other day and put up with this treatment while the BBC overplays its hand with its bias, good on him.

This isn't BBC3 or the Asian Network, watched by a small subsection of the public who'll be overwhelmingly hostile to TR's message anyway - large numbers of people of different political opinions will have watched this, and if they weren't sympathetic to his arguments before, or hadn't noticed the BBC bias before, they are much more likely to now.

Agreed that Paul Weston would do well on such a programme - to show that the EDL are more than just a one-man band, for one thing, but also because he looks much more respectable, and the violent past/BNP past/false name slurs won't be possible with him.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 11:47
by Gavin
I agree, Nathan - that's probably why they would never have him on.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 13:51
by Gavin
Amazingly, the comments are open on this article. Virtually all seem to be in support of TR and condemning the BBC.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 14:07
by Nathan
(From the comments section above...)

I’m off to (insert country name here) where I intend to be a religious minority, yet insist that their whole constitution changes to accommodate ME!. Wherever I go…I want Christmas Lights up and whatever the weather, I want nobody to laugh at me if I wear a Santa costume.

I also demand they build me a church with their taxpayer’s money (whether I decide to go or not). I will be incredibly offended if anybody mentions the religion of their own country in my presence. In fact, as well as the church, I would like a traditional English pub to be built, draped in flags with football on the big screen and government subsidised beer (despite the alcohol laws of the country I choose).

I insist that whatever school my kids go to, they must have at least a weekly portion of fish and chips – regardless of whether their school friends like it. Come to think of it, I want the entire school curriculum be altered to include English Language, English History and English Religious studies.

I will meanwhile walk straight into whichever top-flight job I choose, because I will be the only white, English, 30-something, able-bodied male there…and I’ll pull the ‘Christian card’ if I have to. Woe betide anybody who spots my incompetence at my job – they’ll be out of there like shrapnel through a rucksack.

Whatever country I go to, I will spend my weekends holding placards in the city centre slagging my new home off, and inciting the English to rise up and suicide bomb the hell out of the place.

In order to find the city centre, every road sign has to be taken down and replaced by one that explains directions in the Queen’s English…preferably on the backdrop of the St George's flag.

Of course, when it comes to policing, the health service and government benefits. I still expect to be first in the queue…in fact, I want my own queue, and with my own public-funded translator…because they don’t speak English where I’m going.

Every single person in my presence must tread on metaphorical eggshells in conversation to me, and panic at the prospect of accidentally calling reference to beer drinking, Yorkshire pudding, Shakespeare, pale skin or Charlton Athletic Football Club (Well I might let the last one pass…they are rubbish after all)

So that’s not too much to ask is it? Surely it’s the same all over the world as it is here……..isn’t it?

I'll start packing!


Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 14:10
by Gavin
The comments will probably be closed on that article soon and those there will probably disappear, so I decided to archive a few of the notable ones so far:

hcvhf wrote:Yet again, I found him articulate and intelligent, and he addressed genuine concerns (when Neil allowed him to reply, that is).

It's time we stopped allowing him to be painted as a racist thug. He is literally the only person able to speak for millions of British people who are genuinely frightened by what is happening to this country.

flintman wrote:Completely agree, Tommy Robinson shows incredible mental fortitude to be prepared to go in to the lion's den knowing these people only want to belittle him. Andrew Neil has lain down with dogs too long to be anything other than infested with fleas.

OneTermDave wrote:[Great one - already posted by Nathan, above!]

mrsbimble wrote:I watched this interview and I would like to hear anyone disagree with what Tommy said. There is a massive problem with many Muslims in this country and the politicians and liberal elite are ignoring it. Just because he has a background that he would rather forget does not mean he is not right and does not have the right to express his views. Many of our MPs have also done dodgy things in the past.

The big thing is that he is not chasing votes and does not care what people think of him. He is genuinely worried about the way things are going in this country with the rise of Islam. It is just unfortunate that because of the followers who are not afraid to be filmed, the EDL does come across as being just a bunch of thugs, but I'm sure there are thousands, if not millions of British people like me who agree with him but would lose their jobs if voiced this opinion.

It would be good if Andrew Neil had Anjem Choudary on his programme and gave him a grilling. The fact that he has not and will not just shows how slanted our media are.

Enocha Powell wrote:The fact that Tommy Robinson has had a lot of air time recently tells me that the EDL are becoming either a force to be reckoned with, or the government are seriously concerned about the growth of the EDL, and grow it has. But, before anyone wants to diss Tommy just remember this. This country is heading towards some kind of civil war. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when. When that day arrives, Tommy Robinson and the EDL will be at the forefront as foot soldiers, ready to fight for the people of this country, it's preparation for that time now, instinct tells us/them that. Brilliant interview, dealt with well by Tommy. They brought up all the usual crap and he sailed through it. Well done Tommy and the EDL.

jazz606 wrote:Tommy Robinson beat Andrew Neil on points despite the latter employing every dirty BBC trick in the book.

pobinr wrote:I noticed Andrew Neil this am on TV gave Tommy Robinson a grilling. Neil butted in & didn't let him answer questions. He was extremely rude & biased. Then he went on to interview a Muslim cleric & was very polite.
He showed Robinson an EDL photo of a supposed EDL supporter doing a stupid Nazi salute as if to say all EDL supporters are Nazis!
But of course he didn't show the cleric a photo of Mulsim extremists as if to say all Muslims are the same. So it's OK to offend white Brits, but not Muslims. We live in this idiotic culture of you cant' say the truth lest it offends minorities, but you can say what you want about the majority!

One Term Dave wrote:When will the BBC do a in depth grilling of the UAF? When will they ask Cameron, Abbott and Livingstone why they support them?

CC wrote:Tommy an ordinary working class bloke who can see
whats happening to Luton and our country.
Millions support you mate, maybe not turning up
at protests but looking at EDL website, at last BBC
allowing you to comment, a good sign, free speech.

Attempted murder of a British policeman by a muslim
in a mosque is not allowing comments but heres the link:

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 18:41
by Nathan
Surprisingly, they haven't stopped the comments yet. I couldn't be bothered reading the whole 800+, but here are a few just from the first three pages:

Just after the last election I wandered down to the media green opposite Parliament to see what was happening and got talking to a guy from Egyptian TV.

I said to him how would you feel if you walked round Cairo and found you Egyptians to be now in a minority when you'd never even been asked. That was our position in London.

His eyes glazed over. He could not even conceive of it. Beyond comprehension.

Why are they doing this to us?

"I think the support for Tommy Robinson and the EDL has been amazing on here today. I hope he saw it."

It's just an insight into the views of real people - and real people's views are quite different to the ones that the mainstream media pretends and portrays.

In my experience ordinary people are sympathetic to the EDL - But then again I don't live in Islington or Hampstead or rub shoulders with many middle-class metrosexuals.

Don't worry, Tommy!

Anyone CON/LAB/LIB can't deal with are called Nazis. UKIP get the same treatment.

What an utter spineless coward Andrew Neil is.

Instead of discussing / debating the issue of interest and presenting it for the British public to decide, he went on a very personal attack. The amount of venom and inaccuracies forwarded by Neil was astounding.

Usually interested in Neil interviews but never thought until now that he would blatantly lie on several points. If he's ever stuck I can point them out with evidence

I watched this, and totally agree with him, it's not just in GB but everywhere in the West! Andrew Neil was very aggressive and wouldn't let him finish a sentence. I'm surprised Robinson kept his cool.

...and in response...

That's part of the media approach though. They tried it with Griffin on QT. Keep trying to wind them up and if they react you can point to them as right-wing loonies. Problem for Dimbleby and Neil is that they've come out looking worse.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 18:53
by Elliott
I haven't watched this yet, but here is apparently a video of the full interview:

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 19:00
by Elliott
Neil has since received death threats on Twitter. I expect he'll now be able to say that he's suffered as much as Tommy Robinson.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 20:09
by Gavin
I don't think he has retweeted any of them, has he? Here's Tommy Robinson's latest from ten minutes ago.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 21.01.44.png
Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 21.01.44.png (79.4 KiB) Viewed 11137 times

Neil will have a long way to go to catch up with Tommy. Of course, he never will. He no doubt has a lot more money and security, too. This is not, obviously, to excuse any death threats, but maybe now Neil will have some sense of how it feels and regret his relentless attacks and extreme bias.

He's looking pretty bad right now, I think. He discredited himself as a journalist. He should simply have got Tommy to condemn violence outright then have discussed the various concerns in an adult manner.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2013, 20:43
by Gavin
Petra Thompson wrote:It's clear from the BBC's treatment of him on Radio 4, from the mob on BBC 3 "Free Speech" programme, and from the slanderous and disgraceful treatment he got for 90 minutes on the BBC Asian network this week, that the BBC think they can destroy him with lies and harassment.

Craig Yates wrote:Yes and those who do should stop hiding behind anonymous identities. It is time to stand up and be counted and to speak unashamedly to all we know about the growing Islamofascist threat to this nation, assisted by quisling appeasers of liblabcon who imported this crime against humanity to our shores and give it protected status.

In an "I am Spartacus" spirit, it would be nice to see people speak out against Islam without fear, supporting each other and them taking their employers to court if the heat is applied. It's all about numbers and it looks like the numbers are growing. With every misjudged interview the BBC do, the mood changes further in our direction. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't: if they tell the truth or let Tommy tell the truth about Islam, they make it look bad. If they lie or stop him speaking, they make themselves look bad.

waterwillows wrote:I have watched and read a number of things connected to the EDL and Tommy Robinson. All I have found is a man who speaks the plain truth.

If the establishment can not handle hearing the plain truth, then it is the establishment that is in the wrong and should be silenced.

The EDL are a group of people committed and firmly resolved to never walk quietly into the cattle cars.

markalexandernda wrote:I am no follower of the English Defence League. In fact, I am not even English. But I must say that I have great respect for Tommy Robinson. Why? Because he tells it like it is. He is courageous. He is articulate. He truly understands what we British people are up against: he understands Islam; he understands the issues; he understands what our future will be like if nothing is done to stop this insanity.

Unfortunately, the English establishment, being what it is, hold it against Tommy Robinson because he is a working class rather than an upper class hero. Working class he may be, but he speaks for the many in this country. That is more than can be said for the wimps that lead us. That goes for the politicians of all main parties. They are all wimps to a man.

It is the duty of government to keep the people of the United Kingdom safe. It is also the duty of government to ensure that our way of life lives on. THIS IS NOT BEING DONE. With each and every passing day, our streets are becoming less safe for innocent British people to walk in. Our country is being Islamised by stealth.

Regardless of what the powers-that-be think, we cannot win this cultural war by ignoring the problems and hoping they will go away; rather, the problems need to be confronted head-on. THIS IS NOT BEING DONE. On the contrary, our politicians, from the prime minister down, are all IN DENIAL of the problems facing us.

These times are resembling more and more the 30s. Then, the Nazis were being appeased; now, the Islamo-fascists are being appeased. History should inform us of where appeasement leads. These are truly troubling times for any thinking person.

We need a leader with a backbone. We need a leader with a backbone desperately. Things cannot go on like this, for if they do, we can be sure of one thing: the loss of our cultural heritage.

Petra Thompson wrote:EDL's effectiveness is that it is on the streets.

The muslim gangs who were grooming and raping vulnerable white girls were exposed by Ann Cryer in 2002, by Channel 4 in 2004 (although muslims got that programmed banned), by The Times in 2005.

Nothing happened. Until EDL took up the issue. I would estimate that about an additional 150 muslims have been convicted of these crimes in the past 2 years. And the police have identified 54 more gangs, and 2400 girls who were their victims.

If EDL had been a political party, that would never have happened.

EDL also got many islamo-nazi conferences banned, they got Zakir Naik banned from entering Britain (and subsequently from Canada and other countries). Personally I wish the government had not banned Naik - people need to see the evidence with their own eyes that 1000s and 1000s of British muslims support terrorism.

The UAF has been destroyed, deserted by90% of its own supporters, who cannot see why they are standing supporting terrorism, child rapists, homophobes, etc. and pitched against the working class they supposedly support as socialists.

EDL has achieved amazing things. Particularly considering they have less support from the luvvies and from politicians and lawyers than either the IRA got or even the Paedophile Information Exchange god. I can think of no group who is more reviled in Britain by the chattering classes; they seem to condemn muslims who slaughter our fellow citizens less than they condemn EDL.

Note here also as TR said today that the EDL identified Rigby's killer as a threat and would have interned him as such. Drummer Rigby would still be alive.

rightrightright wrote:When things kick off and we are nearly there, just a couple of years and their numbers will be up to it, you will cower behind the EDL.

CharacterX wrote:Robinson is repsonding to the vacuum created by misguided and obscene policies of cow towing to our Islamic followers. Nothing must be said against Islam or Muslim albeit that Christianity is supposedly the established religion of this land. Why should we not be putting that first, anyway? Go to Saudi Arabia and see how much cow towing is done to any sect other than Islamic. I used to hear church bells every Sunday in my city but now that is all silenced .when I asked why I was told by the local authority that if they allowed churches to do the traditional bell ringing for services then the Mosques were demanding call to prayer aloud.

Who had the right to give away our nation and suspend our traditions, eh.!

martin2500 wrote:The simple fact is the BBC are liars. There have been NO attacks on Muslims, not one. Except Muslim on Muslim. The BBC made a massive fuss over lies from the Tell Mama extremist organisation (yet another one funded by the tax payer). I'm not aware of any Muslim being killed on the streets of England by white extremists. We are however aware of an endless list of attacks and attempts by Muslims on us.

Manxman3 wrote:History will be a lot kinder to Stephen Lennon than our current establishment is. He is a brave man and time will show that he was right about the threat of muslim immigration and the cowardice of the establishment.

I got up to page 9 by "Best rated". There are many more.

Re: Tommy Robinson on BBC1 Sunday Politics

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2013, 02:34
by Elliott
Well I've watched the video now. Good God... I don't know how anybody could think that was anything other than disgraceful bias on the part of the BBC and Andrew Neil. He came across as a complacent, effete, insincere, clueless bumpkin while Tommy Robinson came across as genuine. The BBC have shot themselves in the foot with their triple-attempt to pillory TR this last week.