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Re: Future English & Future Britain

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2015, 21:09
by Gavin
Thanks - I would not be surprised if average intelligence has declined from a peak during that period - certainly from the 1950s...

Since the war, European nations have suffered crises in their own identities and self-confidence. These seem now to have turned into pathologies: cultural relativism, worship of "the other" (hardly seems to matter what it is), runaway feminism, state dependence and the popular admiration of trivial rubbish.

We seem to be at the bottom of a pendulum swing, but we might recover yet, even though the journey will be hard - it might be that or oblivion.

Re: Future English & Future Britain

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2015, 21:55
by Yessica
Charlie wrote:One of Charlton's main contentions is that the average Victorian had an IQ of 115, which, needless to say, is significantly higher than that of the average Brit in 2015.

That would be very shocking if it were indeed true because then people ate a diet low in protein, iron and iodine, thought that drinking beer whilst pregnant was okay and started working down the mines as children... and where still smarter than us (as a group)?