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Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2012, 02:12
by Elliott
I've just read the obituary of a lesbian feminist called Adrienne Rich. Of course, it's sad when anybody dies, but the obituary contained a little bit which made me laugh out loud. Bear in mind that "the true enemy" spoken of is "men".

Accusations that she was writing out of bitterness seem less reasonable now... Her poem The Phenomenology of Anger contained the lines,

"white acetylene
ripples from my body
effortlessly released
perfectly trained
on the true enemy
raking his body down to the thread
of existence."

Less cryptically, a section of this poem is called “I hate you."

Rich's journey as a poet reflects the progress women were making throughout the late 20th century.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2012, 09:56
by Gavin
Quite amusing to see young feminist Laurie Penny cast into role of "damsel in distress" here. Note she "swooned", etc., etc. Feminism is such an act!

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2012, 19:24
by Elliott
Just when you think feminism may be past its peak, you read an article like this: Balls to femininity, start shouting Julia Gillard-style.

Katy Brand wrote:And this is my problem: I worry that this desire to be feminine is holding women back. I worry that a certain type of man, who prefers his women feminine, is holding us back. And I particularly worry that it is a gang of precisely this type of man that is currently running things.

I would phrase her "problem" in rather different terms.

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PostPosted: 11 Oct 2012, 19:58
by Gavin
I think the loss of femininity is a loss to children, men and to the world. For women who never had it in the first place, I suppose it is even worse. I feel sorry for them, but I feel less sorry when they try to make everybody else the same as themselves.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2012, 19:55
by Elliott
More tedious drivel from a naive middle-class feminist, Bryony Gordon.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2012, 18:13
by Gavin
p.s. I've read some horribly self-centred rubbish from Bryony Gordon before, so I don't read her any more. I'm not sure why she is employed.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2014, 00:07
by Andreas
An announcement for a feminist theater event in Berkeley:

BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY!! We sell out every year!

The Vagina Monologues has been performed in cities all across America and at hundreds of college campuses, including UC Berkeley since 2001. The monologues are based on interviews with over 200 women about their memories and experiences of womynhood and sexuality, and it celebrates womynhood and sexuality in its diversity, complexity, and mystery while it attacks the silence that surrounds rape and abuse.

This year, the Production Team of the Vagina Monologues selected the theme "Womyn Making Change: What's Your Revolution?" for a simple reason: Womyn are revolutionary. The original pieces for this year capture some of the revolutions in the lives of our community members. Our aims are to provoke thought and discussion on the revolutions that go on in our day-to-day lives and to appreciate the wide range of stories of empowerment, identity exploration, and womynhood.

The Vagina Monologues is put on by V-Day, an international and dynamic grassroots movement to stop violence against women. V-Day at UC Berkeley is one of the largest university productions of The Vagina Monologues, raising more than $26,000 in 2013 for non-profit agencies.

As a student group, V-Day at UC Berkeley is dedicated to ending violence against women by promoting community awareness. To accomplish this task we strive to support local community organizations that combat violence on a daily basis, as well as those who provide sanctuary for disadvantaged women. Nearly 100 percent of the V-Day at UC Berkeley's proceeds will go to non-profit agencies that aim to end gender-based violence.

This year, our beneficiaries include A Safe Place: Domestic Violence Shelter, Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC), Women’s Daytime Drop In Center, Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR), IGNITE and The Gender Equity Resource Center.

If these people stepped outside the bubble they inhabit for a moment, they might realize how ridiculous they look, like parodies of themselves.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2014, 05:03
by Elliott
Womyn?! Please God no...

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2014, 03:10
by Paul
My God, that event is just drivel upon drivel and the very name of that production has annoyed me for some time. Coarse and base and completely unrefined. Etc.

Womyn though, how marvelous. Even better (less annoying) than Wimmins. Also it somehow immediately makes me think of the word Wyvern - rather appropriate because they were some sort of dragon.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2014, 18:26
by Andreas

I like the idea of a feminist wyvern! Like Aunt Augusta in The Importance of Being Earnest, a monster without being a myth.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2014, 21:27
by Paul

We can agree, these creatures have plagued both men and their own more sensible kind down through the ages, no myths about it.

'The Awful Woman with Spectacles', as Leacock once wrote, or as he noted, aft times known as sibyls, scolds and the like.

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2014, 22:59
by Andreas
Another recent example of feminist theater (or theatrics), this time at Columbia University:

Probably just a few off-kilter individuals, but the statements about the Columbia University library are revealing:

Butler Library is particularly emblematic of the male-centricity at Columbia; there are, for example, only male authors’ names on the facade of the building, a historic point of protest

In a more normal world, these students would get in trouble for misusing the university's property or premises, but I'm sure it won't happen.

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PostPosted: 13 Jan 2015, 16:23
by Nathan
I didn't really know where to put this one. Our most prominent conservative newspaper has published a sub-trollish article after just noticing that the large majority of prisoners are male.

Are men natural born criminals? The prison numbers don't lie

The article goes on to say "...there's a general assumption that it must be a sociologically-based difference", so we're not "natural-born" criminals at all by that reasoning, but whatever.

We're as much natural-born criminals as shown by prison numbers as we also are natural-born inventors, leaders, creators, entrepreneurs, explorers, elite athletes, artists, philosophers and Nobel Prize winners. ... t-lie.html

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2015, 12:53
by Nick J W
“Any comment you make about gender is a generalisation,” says Tim Robertson, “but on the whole it is perfectly true to say that men commit crime and women help people out of crime,” through creating stable relationships and environments. “I think there’s a growing recognition in criminal justice circles about the role that families play” in rehabilitation.

I can't bear it! Fortunately I've got better things to be doing, I'm inventing something... I don't want to give too much away, let's just say it's round and will make moving things from place to place a lot easier

Re: Examples of feminist writing

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2015, 01:24
by Kevin R