Will euthanasia be legalised in Britain and America?

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Will euthanasia be legalised in Britain and America?

Postby Elliott » 01 Aug 2011, 17:22

Do you think the likelihood is that euthanasia will eventually be legalised in Britain and/or America?

And if it is legalised, will it cheapen life?
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Re: Will euthanasia be legalised in Britain and America?

Postby JoelUpchurch » 03 Aug 2011, 19:27

I would like to point out that assisted suicide is already legal in three U.S. States.


The difference is that the doctor can hand you a syringe of lethal drugs but can't actually inject you, which frankly strikes me as hairsplitting. I would understand if a doctor finds participating in either assisted suicide or euthanasia inconsistent with the Hippocratic oath.Frankly I don't understand why physicians should be involved at all and not say morticians or some other kind of specialist.

I personally would legalize euthanasia with the provision that the state should receive a quid pro quo in that they be allowed to harvest your organs. One suicide might save several lives that way.

Theodore Dalrymple has expressed some different opinions on assisted suicide, but I don't find his reasoning persuasive in this case, since you could apply the same logic to almost any activity that has undesirable consequences for you, such as, drinking and gambling.

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Re: Will euthanasia be legalised in Britain and America?

Postby Andreas » 13 Feb 2014, 20:09

Belgium is about to legalize child euthanasia; in other words, a child can ask to be euthanized:


One of the sponsors of the bill in the Belgian parliament spoke on a Deutsche Welle talk show last December (the segment about this topic runs from about 17:11 to 32:50):

http://www.dw.de/agenda-talk-show-2013- ... 24141-9798

Mr. de Gucht looks like a young man with no children of his own, pushing legislation that will affect everyone who has children. He acknowledges that there has been no case in Belgium of a child ever asking for euthanasia. He says that this law is meant to allow people "the right to choose their life path." When pressed on the fact that children are not adults, he says that children who have faced a terminal illness are different than those who haven't. Would the right to choose one's life path, for a child, include taking heroin or jumping off a tall building? He claims, fallaciously I think, that there is a strict difference between the question of euthanasia and preventing children from smoking or consuming alcohol.

Parental consent would still be required, but there would also be a "psychological test," probably administered by a state psychologist. So the role and authority of parents is eroded, and the idea that there is a significant difference between adults and children is eroded.

This seems like something out of Brave New World, or a bad dream.
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