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Postby Gavin » 03 Mar 2013, 00:33

I nearly never watch the TV - in fact I think I have posted here each time I've watched it in recent months. The adverts are so inane I have to press the mute button whenever they're on. About ninety per cent of the programmes are little better. It's as if all TV is made for children now - adult children.

Anyway, this evening I did turn it on and caught an episode of a programme called Brit Cops: War on Crime. You can see whole episodes at the link.

Virtually every town centre in the UK is now a no-go area for civilised people, especially the elderly, after dark at weekends. All drinking establishments - even pubs which otherwise don't use "security", employ doormen on these nights. A survey showed that over 50% of these staff have been physically assaulted and almost 100% have received threats of violence. Of course, even when there isn't violence, there's the undercurrent, the threat of violence in the atmosphere.

People are exceedingly drunk. Girls are half-dressed, many men are brutish thugs. Things often turn violent. Police riot vans line streets, just in case. Imagine the strain it puts on the NHS (of course, everyone gets treated for free). But what struck me in the tonight's programme was that it was almost entirely multicultural:

There was an Eastern European drunk driver who refused to take a breath test. Eventually he was arrested for this, but not before a translator had been employed (whom he insulted) and he had wasted hours of police time, insulting them all the time. He would be charged for drunk driving, but I bet not for wasting police time (or, of course, for insulting them). Nor would he be expected to pay for the cost of the translator. Judges and magistrates in the UK are apparently determined to let people off anything, repeatedly, as often as they can. And people wonder why there is so much crime. Because crime pays. Lawyers.

Two massive Eastern European men were evicted from a nightclub where they had been fighting. They couldn't speak much English either. Following this, a very menacing situation developed at an Indian takeaway (all of this was going in in Lincolnshire). A young man in the restaurant had punched a young native apparently underclass person in the face. Apparently the youngster had gone into the shop demanding something in an obnoxious way.

The Indian was going to get "his people" to turn up and the young delinquent was going to get "his people" to turn up. Police feared this could turn into a riot.

The Indian was rightly arrested for assault. Whether this ever saw court I very much doubt. Being a police officier must be one of the most frustrating jobs in all of society today. You see these people day in, day out, often the very same ones, you build a case, maybe even get the CPS to take it on, and then more often than not you see them released doing the exact same thing again. The police are just trying to clear up the mess, often at significant personal risk, but they can't really stop it happening, and they can't even openly discuss their frustrations (they can be sacked for doing this). I think they are grossly let down by those higher up the chain. The do-gooder rich liberal judges should be forced along with these police on some nights out.

The impression one is left with, anyway, is that this society is a tinderbox. I think they said there is one policeman per square mile in that county. If it all kicks off, if one of these incidents does ignite that riot, we're going to need a lot more police than that.
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