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Corporal punishment

Postby Gavin » 27 Mar 2013, 12:15

In the UK sometimes a young delinquent will break into the house of a senior citizen and punch them in the face, sometimes subject them to further pain and humiliation, and then rob them. This could be your mother or grandmother.

It is sometimes done to feed a drug habit, even though there are plenty of services set up at the state's expense to help them with this habit. Sometimes such things are done just out of malice. Plenty of other similar crimes are committed by individuals repeatedly, sometimes hundreds of times. They might get a community sentence, maybe a year inside, which they'll be deemed to have served already through some technicality, so they'll just be let off.

I think there is a strong case for the public humiliation of such people and indeed, in such cases as I have given above, flogging. The option should at least be given to the victim or their family, so that a sense of moral equilibrium may be reasserted.

Capital punishment could well be a separate thread. I actually argued against it years ago at university (although what I argued to pass exams is somewhat different to what I think now - and perhaps even thought then). In the case of capital punishment, though, I am still against it now but not for reasons of compassion, rather because I want to keep heinous people alive, forced to work for society and to think about what they have done.

But back to flogging, I believe it would really work, especially if done in a town square. As would ridicule of those "gangstas" who think they are so hard. The end of the softly, softly, hug-a-hoodie approach. Vicious criminals should be forced to wear pink outfits (I don't care if this would be "offensive to gays" - the end of that kind of PC, too). For the most sickening offences (e.g. the pimping and raping of young girls because they are white) the sentence should begin with a flogging then proceed from there.

As for corporal punishment in schools, I am not so sure - perhaps. Although I don't have any children, I'm against parents smacking children as it seems to me physically unequal and the parents should always have other sanctions they can use.

But I am for flogging in cases such as the above - it might help restore law and order to the country.

Counter-arguments are that you might have the wrong person, it is uncivilised, it might encourage sadism in the general public, it might damage the person delivering the flogging, it won't deter. I think things have become so bad, with the law so soft, that these are probably risks worth taking. In any case I open the topic for debate here.

(Another possible objection, likely to come from Leftists, by the way, is "That's just like sharia law!", but of course it isn't. Sharia imposes irreversible punishments for trivial crimes and indeed to those who have been the victims of crime, for example rape victims: it is one of the reasons I am against Islam.)

Once inside prison, of course, I would have life much harder, too. No more pool tables, Sky TV, choosing your cell colour, menus, three hot meals etc. You would clock up a bill for your stay, to start with: you'd pay for your own stay for the rest of your life, the cost being dependent on the length of your stay and thus the severity of your crime. Maybe one simple hot meal, very basic. Access only to enriching leisure and work materials - nothing dumb. Prisoners would work a full day's work every day, too, for society, inside the prison if deemed dangerous, if not outside, with men with guns watching over them.

It would be interesting to see what effect such measures would have on crime levels in the UK and on GDP. Unfortunately they're a fantasy while there are so many human rights lawyers about and we're still in the EU.
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