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The murder of Jo Cox MP

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 09:07
by Gavin
I've been having a few thoughts about the recent murder of the Labour Party MP Jo Cox by a man identified as one Thomas Mair. It goes without saying that this was a terrible crime. Mr Mair may have had legitimate grievances against the Labour Party, but the way for those to be addressed is via the ballot box rather than via murder.

Many on the Left immediately sought to make political capital out of Mrs Cox's murder. They tried to use it to demonise the understandable concerns that many British people have that their local towns are becoming culturally unrecognisable as a consequence of massive, indiscriminate, immigration. Only on Friday, as if on cue, another fifteen (apparently exclusively Pakistani) men were sentenced for raping and pimping girls in the West Yorkshire area itself. If that isn't "hate", then what is? This is in addition, of course, to the 1,400 torture/rape cases which were allegedly covered up in the Rotherham area (alone) by the Labour-dominated council for more than a decade, because the perpetrators were non-English.

If one man who might turn out to be a Neo-Nazi kills somebody, this says nothing about the legitimacy of many people being angry at the loss of their local areas to alien undesirable cultures without their say-so. To my knowledge, nobody - not even Britain First - has said anybody should be shot in the street - yet the Left have immediately blamed conservatives for this crime. Why, then, do they not likewise blame Islamic ideology when Muslims kill in the name of Islam (which happens far more often)? After all, Muslims have the guidebook the Qu'ran which patently encourages outright hostility towards non-believers.

Shamefully, many on the Left have also tried to use the murder of Jo Cox to poison the debate re. Britain's exit from the EU, as if all those who are pro-Brexit also want to kill people. There may be hope that Brexit will be able to save the British culture which many of us know and love, and which is fast disappearing from our cities, but this issue is principally about gaining sovereignty for Britain and freeing ourselves from what is essentially an anti-democratic tyranny. Once this is done, people may choose do vote internally as they wish. The actions of a sole nutcase are irrelevant to this issue.

I say "nutcase". Reports are that Mr Mair was depressive and on medication and tried to seek (but was denied) help the night before he murdered Mrs Cox. People on the Right tend to be opposed to "Care in the Community" and are skeptical of allowing people with mental issues to be at large, because of the risk that they might be a danger to others. Those on the Left tend to be supportive of these policies. More will no doubt come to light regarding this, but it sounds as though closer tabs should have been kept on this man by the Labour council, and if they had been then he might not have been able to commit this crime.

What will be the effect of this incident? I think, try as the Left might, it will not have any effect on the referendum result. It certainly shouldn't, but perhaps I am over-estimating people. I will be surprised if Britain does leave the EU, because people generally think "better the devil they know", but it might, and I will certainly be voting for it. This crime may help the Left, though, in their so far very successful mission to have any argument which opposes their own position labelled "hate speech", no matter how reasoned it is. If they succeed in this then they will have succeeded in building a totalitarian state.

Ultimately the truth outs: FGM will continue, halal, Muslims following Quranic instructions to hate and kill unbelievers. A people will have their territory and culture supplanted - made strangers in their own country - in a way that would outrage the Left were it happening to Africans or Indians. This will remain an isolated incident for some time compared with the body-count racked up by those who have refused - or been unable - to assimilate into the West. But the Left will ignore all this and continue to blame British - indeed exclusively white - people. They'll call everybody racist, even those who are not racist at all and don't hate anyone, but simply wish to protect their country and their culture, which they believe to be the best and which they love.

I think we can expect some proscriptions: Britain First, possibly Liberty GB. But it will be a delicate game for authorities. It's hard to demonise a people who simply don't want to be replaced in their own country (and at their own expense). It may antagonise issues further. People will resist: some will try to exercise their freedom of speech until it is completely taken away - and even after that - and many will regard them as heroes who don't "hate", but simply tell the truth. They may do so secretly, but they should do so openly for as long as they can, because truth is sacrosanct.

Finally, was this crime surprising? Not at all. We on this forum have been thinking something like this would happen for a long time. I personally think the following analogy suits: imagine that a large pressure is placed upon a sheet of ice for a period of time. The load is ever-increasing, slowly. That ice is society. Eventually a crack will appear. The place where the ice cracks first will be at its weakest spot. That weakest spot is where the mentally unstable lie. They're likely to be first to react (and in appalling manner) to what might nonetheless be valid concerns which many people can see and indeed share. They lack inhibition and they "flip". They're the first fissures we see.

This man, Thomas Mair, should be locked up for what he has done, but that doesn't invalidate the concerns of those who are uncomfortable with the Islamisation of Britain in any way at all, and it certainly has nothing to do with Brexit. That's my view on these matters at this stage. I look forward to considering any thoughts others may have.

Re: The murder of Jo Cox MP

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 11:59
by Gavin
Yesterday, Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, was interviewed by radio station LBC about the decision of that party's Press Officer, Jack Buckby, to contest the seat of Jo Cox in West Yorkshire. You can find the audio of that interview attached.

I thought the interviewer tried very weak arguments and mere "dirty tricks" really - for example, playing back something slightly different someone had said before as a "Gotcha!" moment, while ignoring the central points being made. He is an ex-editor of The Sun.

At first glance it seems in rather bad taste to be contesting the vacated seat, but on the other hand, there are arguments to do so. Seats made vacant by the murder of the MP have been contested in the past. Labour are arguably wreaking chaos across the country and betraying the British people. Mr Weston further makes a point which must be confronted, notwithstanding the horror of hear death: that Jo Cox was apparently more concerned with the plight of Palestinians than the British people whom she should have primarily represented. She apparently had nothing whatever to say about the cruel and systematic rape/torture of more than 1,400 young girls in her area by Pakistani Muslim gangs. Why might it be that an MP would have nothing to say about merciless mass rape and its alleged cover-up in her region, but would instead be primarily preoccupied with the plight of Palestinians 2,500 miles away? Possibly because of the new and growing demographic of that region.

Another argument for contesting the seat, it seems to me, is this: would you want to be an MP who was elected merely by default? Or rather, not really properly elected at all? This is like positive discrimination and quotas. Also, as Liberty GB say, there is "too much at stake". The policies of the Labour Party have arguably directly led to feelings of extreme frustration in the UK. People do feel that they are having their territory, their environment, their way of life, their jobs, houses and money taken away from them due to Leftist policies. Though Liberty GB will doubtless lose, perhaps it's right for the seat to be contested and for democracy to run its usual course.

It's hard to say. It's hard to say whether Paul Weston speaks frankly too soon, as well. But, as usual, the most bitter impression is left when the media tries underhand tricks and truth is deliberately concealed. Jack Buckby is due to be interviewed on Gavin McInnes' YouTube show later today.

Re: The murder of Jo Cox MP

PostPosted: 21 Jun 2016, 16:58
by Gavin
Paul Weston was just interviewed by somebody called "Delaney" on the UK radio station Talk Radio. I'd never heard of him and he'd clearly never previously heard of Liberty GB. He's a journalist.

The interview is attached below. It became quite heated.

Afterwards, the presenter spoke to someone whom he probably hoped would attack Paul Weston, but instead the caller seemed to be proposing that "international development" (by which he presumably meant more money given by us to Muslim countries) might help in the battle against Islamic ideology.

Later on, Delaney spoke to commentator Ian Dunt, who is editor of Erotic Review and and who disapproved of Liberty GB's decision. You can see Mr Dunt's political angle from his articles here. He also comments on the BBC, Al-Jazeera and in The Guardian.

In other news, the widower of Jo Cox has spoken to the media. He said that prior to her death she was "concerned that people were being driven to more extreme positions in politics". Indeed, who isn't concerned about this? But, should we not examine exactly why it might be, and whose policies are causing it?