Liberals who think they're soooooooooo clever...

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Liberals who think they're soooooooooo clever...

Postby Elliott » 28 Feb 2013, 02:21

I have previously written that being clever seems to be a part of being a liberal, at least for many of them. They often have a superiority complex such that anyone who disagrees with them must do so only because they're not as intelligent, educated or perceptive as they are. This manifests in various things - denying common sense, decrying anecdotal "evidence" (experience), insisting on officially-approved studies, etc. etc. But perhaps I need only direct you to this video:

The woman exhibits many liberal cliches - the most prevalent one being moral relativism. I don't even necessarily disagree with everything she says (eg. I think there can be mitigating factors in a murder) but her entire attitude is so smug, superior and holier-than-thou, that it would be impossible to debate any issue seriously with her. I don't think she is really interested in the truth (whose existence she, incidentally, denies), but in loving herself and proving (for her own benefit, not anyone else's) how clever she is.

I have seen few better demonstrations of the archetype of a liberal who uses social and political issues (some of incredible importance like murder and rape) simply to inflate their own sense of self-worth and damn the consequences. I think it would be reasonable to suggest that, without liberalism, such people as this woman would be utter emotional wrecks, always teetering on the edge of psychological stability, and would latch onto any bandwagon in order to feel good about themselves.
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Re: Liberals who think they're soooooooooo clever...

Postby Nathan » 05 Mar 2013, 00:03

I just had to share this oh-soooooooo clever reposte to Paul Weston's prediction of a future civil war in Britain as we head to a white-minority country in 2066. I'd love to be able to say this is from the Guardian, or the New Statesman, or even a student newspaper for that matter, but although it's from a website where it seems anybody can publish anything it's still worth reading it to see how the other half think.

I'm not going to bother analysing it in any detail but all the familiar tricks are there: ad-homs aplenty, denial, strawmen, narcissism, insistence that 'twas ever thus, non-sequiturs, falsehoods, guilt, fascination with the Other, Godwin's Law...enjoy!

Go take a hike, Paul Weston!

By Stanley Collymore

So the white supremacists in our midst are bellyaching that the so-called indigenous population of Britain, a longstanding and demographically mongrel country, if ever there was one, is about to become a minority by 2066 and that in the lead up to that there will be civil war in this land of ours. How the hell they know that when most of them will already be dead is beyond me, but there’s no accounting for stupidity among such people.

Now if they’re talking about the prospects for their grandchildren and beyond, even that assumption can’t realistically be a cast iron guarantee by these imbeciles that their off-spring, if indeed they are biologically theirs, as 36% of British women are known to cuckold their husbands and partners who unwittingly father kids they didn’t sire nor biologically could have done so as they’re azospermiac, in other words shooting blanks, and don’t know it.

There are numerous young people in Britain and even those not so young who’re repeatedly defying the racist wishes of their parents by marrying and having children of their own within relationships and across racial lines that they want, and not cravenly succumbing to the wishes of bigoted parents, family members, friends or even white supremacist minded pundits.

Besides if Britain that with other European countries went around the world taking over other peoples’ land and populating them with their own citizens or subjects as we’re called here in the UK, why are these white supremacist morons getting so hot under the collar?

We’re in the 21st Century but Britain and the rest of Europe are still engaged in a reincarnation of the 1884 Berlin Conference that saw the arbitrary carve up of Africa, which as I write is still an ongoing factor. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, just to name a few, are countries whose genuinely indigenous people are now minorities in their own countries, that’s provided of course they still exist, as in Tasmania for instance they don’t, and those that manage to survive and hold on don’t have a snowflake in hell’s chance of playing any constructive role in their homelands far less regaining what’s rightfully theirs.

The ultra-rightwing and butch PM of Australia is a woman whose parents came from Wales; now show me a single Aborigine who is in her cabinet or the Australian parliament for that matter. Yet whites can saunter off to Australia as and when they like, as they also can to Canada, the US and all the other European outposts of imperialism and colonialism, and do so in a manner that other races can’t.

Yet we have imbecilic morons like the so-called author Paul Weston decrying the fact that in 2066 whites will be a minority in Britain, indigenous Britons will be in the minority, and this will trigger civil war here.

Tell me Paul Weston, when you speak of indigenous Britons are you referring to the Miliband Brothers who both aspire to be PM of Britain; to Boris Johnson who also does and whose familial roots are non-British; to Michael Howard that wanted to be and whose parents were Jewish refugees from Romania fleeing the kind of ethnic cleansing, pogroms and gas chambers that the British Empire of all races fought against in World War II, but that you to placate your mindless racism, tyranny and stupidity want to introduce into Britain of all places?

Incidentally, Michael Howard’s father was an illegal immigrant first kicked out of Britain then on his second attempt allowed to stay. His parents didn’t know each other in Romania and only met in England. Had that not happened indigenous Michael won’t be among us. Would he?

Now there are many others I could mention all of whom have non British roots, and in the case of archetypal Brit Boris Johnson, whose ancestral roots are as mongrelized as one can get, if one were to use your puerile and twisted logic Paul Weston shouldn’t be in Britain at all as they’re not indigenous to Britain. By the way, neither were the Angles or Saxons who were Germans or for that matter many of our current Royal Family who also have close familial Germanic connections. Do you also want to send them packing? Quite idiotic a scenario wouldn’t you say?

Besides, by 2066 those who have come of school age now in England, in other words five year olds, will be 71 years old at this futuristic time you’re speaking of, and even newly born babies will themselves be old aged pensioners by 2066. So what the hell are you really withering on about, as if I don’t know? Because there’s no way that you, who’d be long dead by that time can say let alone with any certainty what these citizens of our country and their children really think about what the demographic composition of Britain or England, if as is quite possible Scotland and the other constituent parts of the UK go their own way, really think.

Three hundred years ago there were probably Scots who would have fulminated about their country having a union with England but it’s happened and considerable numbers of present day Scots and English like it that way and even rant at those who want to change it back to what it was previously, which is one example that proves that life in all its forms isn’t static but ongoing and even progressive. Therefore my advice to you Paul is this; when you’re in a hole, as you obviously are with this nerdish notion of yours, stop digging!

So your indigenous crap Paul Weston simply doesn’t stack up. And what are your roots; care to tell us? Or do you have a biological problem with that like so many of your kind do? I know a quite reputable DNA centre that I can put you in touch with.

Or are you counting as well among this fanciful future minority indigenous equation of yours Paul Weston the descendants of the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian, Waffen SS Nazi criminals that the US government pressurized a World War II bankrupt Britain under Clement Attlee to accept in our country and whose progenies as well theirs now live among us as fellow Britons? Or is skin colour and not the character or the meritocratic worth of the person involved your only criterion for what you asininely claim are indigenous Britons? Looks like it to me!

You also state Paul Weston that most of this demographic change will be caused by Muslims, as if Muslims anymore than Christians or Jews constitute a colour or a particular racial group; so bankrupt is your thinking. Then you go on to say that these people are radicalized and this is detrimental to Britain.

What a prized asshole you are!

If someone was killing your precious, so-called indigenous white Brits, blasting them to kingdom come with predator-assassination drones, carrying out extra-judicial killings against them and plundering our country of its natural resources for their own benefit as Britain, its US and EU partners are doing to them, would cretins like you sit on your stupid asses and not do anything, especially if those carrying out these atrocities along with their friends were in possession of nuclear weapons which they insist that they alone must have to terrorize anyone who wants to be independent and not choose to be one of their sycophants?

As I see it Paul Weston there is a genuine solution to your concerns. Instead of shooting your patently stupid mouth off on RT and painting this Doomsday scenario for Britain, why don’t you just persuade your fellow whites in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and elsewhere to come back home to Europe and hand the countries they’ve taken by force from their indigenous people back to them?

But of course you won’t do that, would you; for what you want in typical bully boy fashion is to have what you perceive as yours exclusively for yourself and your kind but at the same time arrogantly accord to yourself and them the right to take and hold on to what other people rightfully know is theirs; because you think that Britain doesn’t only have the military might, but as a member of the Master Race you too have that supposedly inalienable right as you see it to take it from them.

And if you can’t prove to me Paul Weston that you don’t have a single close relative or friend living in any country outside of your would-be snow-white Europe, then do yourself a great big favour and just shut up! Or preferably find a nice busy motorway, observe the flow of the traffic and get in one of the busiest lanes facing the oncoming traffic and spare humanity or in your warped mind, jaundiced thinking and perverse fantasy some allegedly jihadist Briton that has never heard of you and wouldn’t want to either the highly unlikely task of wanting to take you out.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this Paul but despite having their so-called independence the majority populations of Kenya and South Africa which aren’t Caucasian and living in a continent that isn’t physically part of Europe, are among several other Africans still faced with the intractable problem of having over 90% of their arable or valuable land, where their country’s mineral deposits are, still in the hands of white Caucasians living there or else connected to white owned corporations belonging to and established here in the UK, Europe or the United States for example.

When Ian Smith declared his UDI in what your lot pretentiously then called Rhodesia after one of your iconic imperialists and against the wishes of that country’s black majority the likes of you Paul Weston supported him wholeheartedly and the loud cry from all of you was that the whites there were your kith and kin and therefore Britain should do nothing to impede them in anyway as it unhesitatingly did in Kenya for example when the people there wanted their independence. But of course it was your typical black and white situation, wasn’t it Paul?

And that wasn’t all; your pin up girl Maggie Thatcher publicly went on record in her support for apartheid South Africa by saying that “anyone who thinks the ANC will ever become the government of South Africa is living in cloud cuckoo land.” Wishful thinking on her part or the earnest hope of someone that unethically but also from a venally financial prospective both on the part of Britain as well as her husband Denis and herself who are both known to have profited enormously from the travesties of apartheid and the misery of the people it sorely affected wanted the status quo to continue uninterrupted?

Then when Robert Mugabe, one of the few African leaders that had the guts to do so and sought to wrench back the land that your lot stole under colonialism as you’ve done globally, he was instantly declared a pariah and still is perceived as such by the likes of you; yet here you are notwithstanding all that wanting an all-white Britain. And of course white only emigration to European countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of course no doubt on the premise that these are now demographically Caucasian majority countries. Well they most certainly are but would you mind telling the rest of us how they became so?

Or is that too embarrassing for you Paul Weston because your guilty conscience is what’s troubling you, for people like me know full well how that came about and you do too of course, that’s why you’re so petrified that others will do to you what you did to them. Reality and commonsense show that Britain or indeed Europe’s non-white population have far better things to do with their time and have no wish to take over what you see as your continent. Many of these people have been here for some considerable time now and as far as I can see Britain as well as other European countries still have white majorities and exclusively white governments. So what’s your problem Paul, as if I didn’t know!

Going back to this obvious irritant of yours, namely Britain not being a white indigenous majority country by 2066, the way I see it Paul the only people on this island of ours that can realistically call themselves indigenous are the Celts and they are already a minority, and guess who’ve been responsible for that? And if you were to investigate their heritage as the late Professor Basil Davidson in his Africa series did you’ll discover that their ancestry is African. They emerge from there crossed into the Iberian Peninsula, travelled up through France, crossed the then existing land bridge that physically connected Britain to mainland Europe and hey presto they were here.

And another eye opener I’d like for you to explore is not only the role of Blacks historically in Britain but when they first came here. And to that end I’ll ask you to read the excellent book by Peter Fryer called: “Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain.” It’s published by Pluto Press and you can get it in either paperback or hardback; the respective ISBN are: 086194 7494 and 0861047745. We literary aficionados praiseworthily extol Jane Austen’s opening in “Pride and Prejudice” as brilliant, and it truly is, and a memorable one in the English language.

Peter Fryer in the aforementioned book of his does the same when he categorically and historically states that there were Blacks in Britain before the Angles or Saxons were here. How does that grab you, Paul Weston? Incidentally, Peter Fryer is a white and what you would call an indigenous Yorkshire man; which to me at any rate demonstrates that not all “indigenous Britons” are queuing up to jump on your bandwagon of bigotry Paul Weston.

For you know what Paul Weston the only ones that really gives a toss about you are your conceited self and probably, but not assuredly so, the minority that think like you. For I don’t believe that any sensible Briton, Caucasian or otherwise, bothers in the least about what you think.

I know I don’t! And frankly I don’t mind telling you so.
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Re: Liberals who think they're soooooooooo clever...

Postby Elliott » 05 Mar 2013, 01:38

If he's not bothered by what Paul Weston says, he sure takes a lot of time and verbiage to prove it!

As you say, Nathan, it's a cretinous post that demonstrates so much of the woolly and incomplete thinking in which the Left excels. Most of it is just threats - "dare to disagree with me, dare to state your case, dare to be unfashionable", etc. There is no depth, and no intention (even if there were ability, which I doubt) to find the truth.
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