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Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2014, 19:03
by Andreas
how theological illiteracy, universalism, relativism and cognitive dissonance have led to the situation in which we find ourselves today

Our enemies show us something about ourselves. While there must be reasons internal to Islam that explain why ISIS has formed at this particular moment, part of the reason must be the apparent weakness of the West right now.

As Dalrymple put it so well in his recent essay, Islamism is "intellectually nugatory" compared to Marxism. These people have very few ideas, yet they're able to sell their brand of nihilism to a certain number of converts, and many people in the West don't seem able to recognize an enemy.

V. D. Hanson also addressed this in a recent essay:

Evil is ancient, unchanging, and with us always. The more postmodern the West becomes — affluent, leisured, nursed on moral equivalence, utopian pacifism, and multicultural relativism — the more premodern the evil among us seems to arise in nihilistic response, whether it is from the primordial Tsarnaev brothers or Jihadi John. We have invented dozens of new ways to explain away our indifference, our enemies hundreds of new ways of reminding us of our impotence. I suppose we who enjoy the good life don’t want to lose any of it for anything — and will understandably do any amount of appeasing, explaining, and contextualizing to avoid an existential war against the beheaders and mutilators, a fact well-known to our enemies.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2014, 17:53
by Gavin
Regarding the hundreds of Pakistani Muslim rapists and torturers of white schoolgirls who are currently living, un-convicted, in the UK:

We know that many of the victims were from very bad backgrounds - the most vulnerable girls in Britain, no less - and this fact was exploited by the Pakistani paedophile gangs. But something that has crossed my mind is: surely some had brothers (thugs, quite possibly) or other white males in their lives who might have heard what is going on. We are talking about thousands of victims here, after all. This is a rape wave of war-crimes proportions. Quite possibly the girls would have been too terrified to tell them, but they will know now.

I'm surprised, given that these are probably some pretty hard men, that none have "tooled up" and gone out to wreak vengeance on the Muslims. If their sister had been doused in petrol, abused, gang-raped by Pakistanis, one would think they might be very angry indeed about that and not give a damn what the law said. These will be men not unaccustomed to violence or, probably, law breaking.

Perhaps this has been going on. Who knows what censorship is in the news now as these matters reach a head. But had they been, we would probably have been told. After all, this would have been attacks by whites on Pakistanis (child rapists) so the media would have leapt at the chance to shout "racism".

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2014, 22:51
by Paul
That's an interesting point Gavin. I wonder if there have been any 'backlashes'?

It would be hushed up like you say. Then again, as you also say, there would be an overwhelming desire to scream 'racism'. But, but - then again, the liberal opposition might realise this time round that this may be a bridge too far. They might realise, with that innate knowledge that everyone surely has (including the liars), that popular opinion would crucify them on this one.

What a dilemma for the liberal left, along with a few other dilemmas and hypocrisies that are coming home to roost for them, Islam being the main one. It was bound to happen and terrible as this subject is, there may be a cold silver lining to be found in unravelling the leftist ideology.

There was apparently an incident in Bolton a few days ago, at or around the proposed site of a new 'super mosque' to be built in the town, to add to all the other mosques already there. It was related to this (inane) Ice-bucket Challenge that is prevalent lately. Two young men were involved, with the mandatory bucket of water being poured over one of them ...... who was covered in a black cloth designed to resemble a burqua. I'm not sure what exactly is wrong, much less illegal with this, but obviously lots of people were grievously offended and the Police felt compelled to attend and arrest the perpetrators ............ instead of say, sweeping the matter under the carpet for ten years or more for the sake of community relations.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 17 Sep 2014, 18:06
by Jonathan
Gavin wrote:I'm surprised, given that these are probably some pretty hard men, that none have "tooled up" and gone out to wreak vengeance on the Muslims.

When Dalrymple discusses underclass families, his main theme is the dissolution of social bonds. They are hardly worthy of the name families - no meals taken in common, a TV in each room, a succession of violent step-fathers producing a litter of half-siblings. Is it any wonder that the notion of family honor has gone missing? Have any of these sons seen his own father defend his sister's honor, or demand chaste behavior from her?

She's just his half-sister, fathered by a half-remembered step-father who used to beat him. She gets in his way at home, steals his drugs, slept with another of their Mom's boyfriends who trashed his room in a drunken rage, and manipulates his mother against him. He can't wait to get away somehow, anyhow. So now she's 15 and announces she's in LOVE and moving out to live with her new Pakistani boyfriend who gives her so many presents instead of the heroin dealer from last month. What does he care?

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2014, 10:55
by Gavin
A number of usually quite fundamentalist Muslims have made a video appealing for the release of the latest hostage captured and threatened with death by their "brothers".

What are we to make of this? I think I know what to make of it. These people are thinking:

"Guys, what are you doing? You're ruining everything!

With all these beheadings you are really starting to turn people against us. I mean, even some lefties and useful idiots are starting to have their doubts.

Yes, Mohammed did exactly what you're doing, yes we're on your side, yes we know what it says in the Qur'an. But guys, we're well on our way. We can pretty much say what we like in our mosques at the moment. We've got wall to wall halal with no real resistance. We've got entire Muslim areas of cities - almost whole cities, we've got Muslims in the British parliament and even in the House of Lords. We are outbreeding them massively, and best of all, they're even funding all of this!

You guys are messing this up.

Don't get us wrong. Of course we want to see a worldwide caliphate as much as you do - that is what the holy book mandates. Of course we don't respect the kuffar, but, you guys... we're doing this from the inside. We don't mind some incidents under the radar but if you keep up with this high profile stuff you're going to make things hard for us over here - and we're going to be there with these losers in only a couple more decades.

So tone it down a bit. Give us time. We'll keep telling them Islam is a religion of peace etc. and try not to have them actually read the Qur'an, you do what you like out there but ease off the westerners (for now) and we'll take care of business here.

Ma'a as-salāmah."

That's what I think is probably going on. And, of course, they will have been leaned on by the government to produce the videos.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2014, 17:53
by Rigsby
"And, of course, they will have been leaned on by the government to produce the videos."

...and, of course, no doubt healthily subsidised by our useful idiots in Government/local authorities to do so.

It is a bit of a cliche to quote Enoch Powell bit his line that said...

"It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre."

...has never been more prescient. And this was at a time long before all of the current nonsense.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2014, 14:05
by Andrea
Have you all seen the utterly stupid thing that's trending in the UK on Twitter at the moment?:

So many of them have the gall to believe they invented western civilisation!

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2014, 14:23
by Gavin
I have seen that silly fad. Most, if not all, of the claims being made by the Muslims are false - many to the point of absurdity. It adds insult to injury that they not only refuse to apologise for the barbarity of Islam but then also falsely claim that has been responsible for many inventions which are appreciated today.

Now, I recommend people listen to the 8.40 interview which I have noted in the Twitter feed. The BBC sent their Pakistani reporter into Rotherham to investigate "community tensions" following the mass rape of English schoolgirls by Pakistani males. She found that this behaviour has decreased trust (would you believe it?) to the point that many females will now walk rather than take taxis. Community relations are "strained" with 'tensions inescapable" and there is "more racial division than ever before". Who could have seen this coming? Enoch Powell, for one. Ray Honeyford. Many more who were silenced.

Also in the news was confirmation that the families of hostages are indeed "gagged" by the Foreign Office, presumably in case they offend Muslims.

Everybody knows that a modern day Monty Python could hardly make a "Life of Mohammed", and while that is the case we're going to have a serious problem with Islam. But then, even if they could, it would be X rated considering his life: it's hard to have laugh about under-age sex, war-mongering and probable schizophrenia.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2014, 16:35
by Nathan
There's an excellent account in the Spectator that I seemed to have overlooked of the experience of a fairly typical middle-class left-wing English family whose son suddenly converted to Islam. I'll just quote the first paragraph here:

Two years ago this week, my stepson came home wearing an Arabic black thawb. He walked into the sitting-room, smiled defiantly at me and at his father, and asked us how he looked. We were a little shocked, but being English of course we said he looked very nice. ... al-muslim/

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 08:59
by Charlie
I suppose I could have posted this in the Education section, but anyway:

NUS refuses to condemn ISIS terrorists…because it’s ‘Islamophobic’.

Welcome to the Age of Idiocracy.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 09:36
by Nathan
Taken from that link:

Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia

In the same meeting the NUS passed a motion to boycott UKIP and email every student in the country on polling day telling them to do the same

Oh dear God, this nonsense makes me want to cry...

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2014, 22:51
by Andrea
Last week, as I was walking by an Italian restaurant I've been to a few times, I witnessed something that irked me greatly. There were two Arab men speaking in angry tones to the waitress that had served me pleasantly last time. This is what I heard:

Arab: "I said As-salamu alaykum, you must reply with Wa alaykumu s-salam. You are very rude."

Waitress (who is from Poland I think): "I'm sorry, I do not know what that is."

Arab: "Say Wa alaykumu s-salam!"

Waitress: *shrugged*

Arab: (shouting) "SAY IT! Say alaykumu s-salam!!"

Waitress (sheepishly): "alaikumu salam"

Arab: "Good. Now you know."

I gave the man such a look of disdain but promptly kept walking. I was very uncomfortable about this. What a cheek! How dare this man come into the UK, into England, and demand that people address him in this Islamic manner? It is not acceptable!

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2014, 05:17
by Charlie
The waitress should have asked the chef to put plenty of salam on the Arab guy's pizza.

Jokes in the worst possible taste aside, you're absolutely right, Andrea: what a cheek.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2014, 08:44
by Elliott
This is how they take over our culture: salam-slicing.

Re: Islam in the UK

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2015, 11:51
by Gavin
The Muslim Council of Britain claims to be concerned that "a series of Muslim-owned shops and businesses are reported to have been attacked by men armed with guns and hammers”. The "National Association of Muslim Police” have provided guidelines to Muslims as to what they should do about this. Why is there such an organisation? This is disgraceful.

As for the supposed incidents, later the site posted the following update:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.46.40.png

Again these Muslims, then, are trying to conflate race and religious issues. Who said they were “race related”? Utter confusion and duplicity from the religion of violence, threat and perpetual victimhood.