BBC You and Yours discusses immigration

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BBC You and Yours discusses immigration

Postby Gavin » 03 Sep 2013, 15:58

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BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme today attempted to discuss immigration. Readers might like to listen to it.

Apparently the vast majority of communication received by the programme was anti mass-immigration. This was not reflected by the calls put through, many people being too afraid to go air on for fear of being called racist.

I thought the presenting was quite fairly handled by Julian Worricker, actually, except at one point:

A woman called Maureen phoned in (at 23'45" through the programme), clearly nervous and upset. She explained that she was a school dinner lady who was given a discreet cross as a Christmas present, which she wore around her neck. This, however, offended one of her Muslim colleagues (who herself wore a veil). The Muslim made a formal complaint about the lady, who was consequently asked not to wear the cross any longer, or at least to hide it from view so as not to offend the Muslim.

Mr Worricker misinterpreted her objection and forbade her to speak any longer, instead going to his guests. One of them was some kind of pro-immigration liberal, the other was someone from Migration Watch UK who said in response to this that there was no religious intolerance in the UK.

People are just so afraid to nail their colours to masts on these issues. Terrified, still. Hardly anyone dares come out as even "culturist", never mind "racist". They should have said that the story, if true, was absolutely outrageous. When asked "Well why can't the Muslim wear a veil?" etc. etc. then the man from Migration Watch should have said "Because it's anti-social, un-British and Islam is a hateful creed that preaches violence against unbelievers. When in Rome, live as the Romans, don't you agree, Julian?". See how the BBC like that.

On LBC radio the phone-in was about the same issue and Julia Hartley-Brewer spoke pretty well, faulting ethnic majorities for refusing to integrate. The MSM will not go very far in these matters, though. I get the impression most presenters are still poised to attack dissidents, even as they see public opinion saying one thing while they say another.

This problem is so enormous now that I think a lot of people are just paralysed by fear. They just don't know what to do about it. Worst case scenario? The UK will fully balkanise and erupt into civil war and multiculturalism will thereafter go down as one of the worst mistakes humanity ever made. The trouble is, that's looking like quite a probable scenario.
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