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PostPosted: 11 Sep 2014, 09:47
by Andrea
Today is, sadly, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the USA. No, they weren't terrorist attacks, they were the starting battles of the long, relentless war to come. We have been at war since that black day - we are at war with Islam. Unfortunately, many of those who actively support the spread of this totalitarian ideology are living amongst us. We know all this, but it's horrific because this circumstance - tolerance of those who wish to convert or kill us (either way, they are intent on destroying our civilisation and replacing it with their own 7th-century one).

I have spent an hour viewing youtube clips of what happened to my country, to the West, that horrible day in 2001. I was in high school when the world as I knew it came to an end. I went through a period of thinking it was our fault, we deserved it, but I know now we didn't. I spent the rest of my teenage years reading the Koran, learning about that religion - trying to avoid being another ignorant American. But what I learned over time is that we have much to fear, we have much to be angry about. We have much to lose. I actually despise Islam now, I despise what it represents - which is not love, not peace - it is death to anyone who is not a believer in their pernicious Allah.

9/11 was just the start, my gosh, it was just the start! Then came 7/7, Drummer Rigby butchered in the street, the Madrid subway bombings, Cartoonists threatened with death for drawing Mohammed, Politicians who are critical of Islam are threatened with death, Sharia courts in Europe, whole sections of towns completely Islamised, the Boston Marathon bombings, 'Mohammed' being the no.1 baby name in the UK, Muslim gangs raping English girls, IS beheading journalists. I could go on and on and on.

How much longer are people going to lie to themselves and say that this has nothing to do with real Islam? How much more are we going to take of this primitive and disgusting ideology? How many more are going to have to suffer needlessly because of our spineless governments? How much more of our cultures are going to vanish because of this totalitarian dogma, this insidious hateful spread?