Poll of UK-based Muslims

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Poll of UK-based Muslims

Postby Gavin » 25 Feb 2015, 12:53

The BBC are trying to positively spin a poll that somewhere called Comres has done of the opinions of British Muslims (at high cost to the taxpayer, probably). There are a number of problems with this poll, quite aside from the results (a quarter of those polled having sympathy with terrorist attacks in the name of Islam!):

  • It only polls 1,000 Muslims and this is not enough to be representative. There could be more than 5 million Muslims in the UK. If so, that is a poll of 0.02% of the Muslim population.
  • It would not have been compulsory: only those Muslims who wanted to take part would have done so.
  • It ignores Taqiya, which explicitly allows Muslims to lie in the furtherance of Islam. How many Muslims are going to say they have no loyalty to Britain, given this? It is better to simply carry on having children (often at the state's expense).

Even given these factors, the results of the poll still suggest that hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the UK hold views which are antithetical to western civilisation. More to the point, in my view there is simply no reason why the British people should put up with the character of their country being transformed backward - Islamicised - around them. They never asked for this to happen.
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Re: Poll of UK-based Muslims

Postby Nathan » 26 Feb 2015, 16:48

Vaguely on the theme of Muslims in the UK vs. truth/reality, we now have this classic regarding the identification of "Jihadi John" as Mohammed Emwazi:

From The Daily Telegraph:
At a press conference in London, Asim Qureshi (from the human rights organisation CAGE) says he has known Emwazi since summer 2009 and that the terrorist nicknamed Jihadi John, who is wanted for beheading several British and American hostages, was "extremely kind, extremely gentle...most humble young person I ever knew".

He goes on to blame excessive surveillance from British security services for Emwazi "becoming radicalised", even though the surveillance seems to have been lax enough to allow him to have remained unidentified in Syria for so long even while cutting people's heads off on video.

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