Just out of curiosity (BREXIT)...

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Re: Just out of curiosity (BREXIT)...

Postby Gavin » 16 Jul 2016, 11:48

I think it doesn't make any sense, as if you go to many British towns today they resemble a mixture of Pakistan, Somalia and Poland. Large suburbs of our major towns have been Islamised and London is all but lost to British culture and tradition. The Third World along with its worst customs has been imposed upon a once proud and civilised nation, and this process has been aided by the decay within. In short, I trust my eyes rather than Laurence's pie chart.
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Re: Just out of curiosity (BREXIT)...

Postby Gabriel » 17 Jul 2016, 00:57

That's what I thought. Laurence shows the number of immigrants entering Britain every year, but, those immigrants who are in Britain for a long time had children, even grandchildren, and supposing they don't integrate themselves with the native population... You see? As my maternal grandfather says: "Statistics can be used to prove anything." You just have to know how to use it.
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Re: Just out of curiosity (BREXIT)...

Postby Charlie » 17 Jul 2016, 10:25

I agree with Gavin.

If Laurence Taylor were to take a walk around just about any English city centre in 2016 (the current year!) and not feel any rumblings of discontent, it would be safe to describe him - to steal Frank Salter's term - as suffering from a kind of ethnic autism.

This is a point that has been made many times, but if there were similar levels of migration in, say, Japan, do you think the Japanese would take it lying down or take out full-page ads in their press? Of course they wouldn't! Current migration levels in places such as the UK are unprecedented, which is why one will hear the term replacement-level migration being used by those who know what they're talking about, such as the aforementioned Frank Salter, an Australian academic.

When it comes down to it, this is a question of identity. That is, the British people have an identity and an ancestral homeland, which they have every right to protect (and the Brexit vote was certainly an expression of this, make no mistake).

Mass immigration from the third world has been a disaster, while mass immigration from the EU has neither benefitted Europe as a whole nor helped the working class in the UK, who along with other natives are left thinking: what is this country for if the elites treat it as little more than a (rigged) property market and jobs market? What is there left to bind people together?

And here's something that I'm surprised the Leave campaigners didn't mention (well, I never heard this topic being discussed): what will become of those EU countries (not to mention the third world ones) whose populations have migrated elsewhere en masse? For example, I'd heard about Poland's demographic problems before, but just the other day I came across a comment from a Polish nationalist, who said that Poland was indeed facing a demographic crisis, so he wanted Poles in the UK to move back to the motherland. I thought that that was a very honourable and decent thing for him to wish for.

Poland is certainly not the only country with demographic difficulties, though. Professor Tom Gallagher of the University of Bedford said in an interview last year that there will not be "anyone left in Romania", and the situation is even worse in neighbouring Moldova, I believe.

There are many other examples.

However, I doubt that Laurence Taylor has ever thought about such things, which would likely put a dampener on his virtue signalling and desire to reduce everyone to interchangeable economic units.
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Re: Just out of curiosity (BREXIT)...

Postby Jonathan » 17 Jul 2016, 18:19

I agree with Gavin and Charlie. This Laurence fellow is ignoring the cumulative effect of decades of immigration, the disparity in birth rates, average age, emigration rates. Ethnic Autism indeed.

Perhaps we should consider a counter-advertisement, equally simplistic, but no less true:

Population of England in 1066: ~1,710,000
Army of William the Conqueror: ~10,000

I suppose that's just another example of 0.58% immigration in one year. Nothing to worry about.

Hang on a sec... let me try something:


Feel free to repost, or retweet, as you will.
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Re: Just out of curiosity (BREXIT)...

Postby Jonathan » 17 Jul 2016, 18:41

Ok, maybe this one's better:

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