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Panorama: Trouble on the Estate

PostPosted: 13 Nov 2014, 00:12
by Gavin
David, of Defend the Modern World, recently recommended this video to me:

It's well worth viewing and may be an education for many naive leftists (few of whom will be visiting this forum though, I dare say).

For two years prior to June 2014 I lived in the north-west of England on an estate not dissimilar to the one featured in the programme. I have therefore lived with this kind of people and know them well. The truth be told frankly, many look deformed (possibly genetically) and very ill. Many, if not all, make very poor life decisions, even when it comes to choosing what to buy with their benefits money in the supermarket.

Many smoke, drink, have tattoos and buy drugs. They also have phones and X-boxes. Few even want to work. They know that there are enough benefits for them not to have to bother. Many are simply unintelligent. If the children are badly behaved enough, then they receive special expensive luxury teaching with additional school trips. Older ones who are badly behaved go to prison, after many warnings.

So, I have lived up close and personal with these people and there are tales to that effect on this forum. (The funny thing is I've also spent a lot of time in areas like Knightsbridge, and in the spectrum in between.) They are straight out of Life at the Bottom. For the most part their lives are bereft of decency and aspiration. But still they feel. I think the kindest thing would be to deny them child benefit and possibly all other benefits. Their diet should be chosen for them and they should be forced to join vocational courses or the armed forces, or starve. Only if they ever become functional members of society who can cover their own expenses should they be allowed to have children. They are a menace to their neighbours and everyone else, and in my view unless measures do become more harsh in future, it is simple economics and mathematics that society will become "bottom heavy" and the sheer cost of supporting their growing numbers will sink us. Well, we're already massively in debt with a colossal deficit, but it'll make sure of it.

This is the underclass, folks. The word "deprived" is used in the programme, but otherwise it's not bad for the BBC. It shows you what's going on here. Now I'm living in Windsor (polar opposite) I can hardly believe I saw all this, but I did and it's happening all over the UK. Notwithstanding the problems of Pakistani rapists and Islam in the UK and the wrongness of deliberate population replacement and enforced cultural transformation, in this video the Indian man is probably the most decent and hardworking on the estate.

In my opinion we should first eject all foreigners who are causing a problem here (why would tip water into a sinking boat?) but then, or simultaneously, the problem of the underclass really needs tackling.