Examples of "Toxic Sentimentality"

Examples of social decline, especially in the UK

Re: Examples of "Toxic Sentimentality"

Postby Paul » 17 Jul 2014, 22:36

Andreas wrote:
There has been a lot of noise lately about a supposed epidemic of sexual violence on American college campuses. Are there really more incidents of rape now than there were ten, fifteen, twenty years ago?

It's America you're talking about as you say and I'm in England and (thankfully) removed from any kind of college scene, but I've read quite a bit about this 'trend', if that word be deemed not too flippant. There's probably articles on Takis about it, most likely from Jim Goad or Fred Reed and probably others.

It's probably the same in Britain. Every man will be a rapist at heart - unless you're gay. Or black! Both is even safer no doubt. The fuel for this fire will be adequately provided by all the usual sources.

A couple of weeks ago, within the 'scandal' that's gripping Britain (though few people seem to care too deeply to be honest) and post the Rolf Harris trial, a sub-headline was - 'All men are, at heart, paedophiles!'
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Re: Examples of "Toxic Sentimentality"

Postby Nathan » 18 Jul 2014, 08:14

Does anybody read Jessica Valenti's articles over on the Guardian? She's like a bot, managing to find (or make up) a different angle to this "out-of-control US college rape culture" to get faux outraged about every single day!

For what it's worth, I find it very hard to imagine that there are more rapes and sexual assaults now that this kind of thing is never out of the news and perpetrators named and shamed than a few decades ago when it was hushed up, but that's not talking from any personal experience at all.
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Re: Examples of "Toxic Sentimentality"

Postby Yessica » 21 Jul 2015, 08:00

A young palestinian girl from Lebanon called Reem sobbed in front of German cameras last week.

She was called a refugee though I am not sure why because her family had to leave her village in 1945(!!!)... meaning at least three generations ago. Being a refugee seems heritable for palestinians. Notb sure if they even had to leave because Jonathan said they were paid for their land or allowed to stay.

Anyway Reems life seems to be a sad story. She is disable though being born to early and being involved in a car accident later in life. The Red Cross airlifted he to Germany where she received cost-free operations and other medical care as well as the opportunity to be educated at a special needs school.

The family applied for asylum but asylum was not granted for them because they were not persecuted.

It is nevertheless easy to understand that young girls frustration. She spend years in Germany, learned our language, made friends.

She seems to be a nice girl with a winning personality and a nice smile. When she talked to Merkel last week in front of cameras and Merkel told her she could not stay it was easy to feel for her.

News paper commentors wanted her to stay. She was just to nice and beatiful...
Merkel is not a dictator, who can rule that the ones who sobbed in an audience with her can stay. She cannot break our laws which grant asylum on basis of being persecuted but not on basis of having a beautiful smile.

People should be granted asylum because they are nice and beautiful? What about grumpy ugly, old men who where really suffering political persecution in their home countries? Send them home to become a safe haven for the beautiful?
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Re: Examples of "Toxic Sentimentality"

Postby Jonathan » 31 Jul 2015, 12:22

That scene with Merkel also made it to the news over here - I remember reading about it.

I expect that the girl's family fled in 1948 rather than 1945. It is likely that someone got the years confused, since 1945 is a much more significant year in Germany than 1948.

The definition of refugee which is used for Palestinians is unique in all the world. They have their own special agency (UNRWA), which defines the descendants of refugees as refugees, with no end in sight. Also, anyone who was in the country for at least 2 years before 1948 counts as a refugee. So, say, if a young Syrian man came to Palestine to work in 1945, and in 1948 fled to Jordan, then he and his 70 grandchildren all count as Palestinian refugees.

The girl's story sounds sad, though not uniquely sad. Whatever the source of her disability, she is in no way to blame for it. However, one must remember that cousin marriages are very common amongst Arabs, and everyone pretends to ignore the source of the congenital diseases which this causes. 'Born too early' can be a very convenient euphemism. A minor car accident which caused no lasting injury could also be a useful excuse. I mention this not because I have specific knowledge of this particular case. Rather, because if Germany decides as a policy to treat 10,000 Arabs a year free of charge, you should bear in mind that a significant proportion of that treatment will actually be compensating for their culture, not their misfortunes.

But yes, the scene sounds like a carefully staged ambush for Merkel. You can almost see the news people salivating in anticipation of a misstep. My impression was that she handled the situation rather well.
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Re: Examples of "Toxic Sentimentality"

Postby Yessica » 15 Aug 2015, 08:57

That is an interesting definition opf refugee. So does a person need to have a certain percentage of "refugee blood" to be counted a refugee or is one refugeee ancestor enough?

Why are those people so eager to call themselves refugees? Do refugees enjoy certain privileges or is it their way of saying "we want that land back"?

It will be hard to generalize but what is their situation like? I am not especially knowledgeable about your region but when I listen to the news I often hear the words "refugee camp" and wonder if it is ill-translated.

When I hear that word what comes to my mind is people who life in makeshift barracks. Do they really still live like that? What are the reasons behind this?
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