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Re: Political correctness

Postby Nathan » 14 Nov 2014, 19:59

Wow, what a perfect quote and article! I know it's only a decade old, more or less, but could easily have been written today minus the one reference to New Labour.

I've just Googled Paul Johnson's name to see who he is, and I can't understand how I've never heard of him! Definitely seems one to read some more of. His Wiki biography is worth reading too, among other pieces of trivia he knew Margaret Thatcher at Oxford and his son is editor of Standpoint.

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Re: Political correctness

Postby Paul » 14 Nov 2014, 23:48

Yes, that is a near-perfect list and descriptive of the type of creatures that blight so much of our lives. It's the who, where to find them and what type they are.

Alas for convents, another useful facility now tossed away. Once upon a time that's what would have happened. Stone floors, hard beds, stubs of candle and a thin gruel. Best of all, thick walls and heavy, barred doors. Amen!
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Gavin » 10 Jan 2015, 11:45

I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday and he told me that he has been attacked on three separate occasions on the streets of London over the years, each time by black gangs. Nothing especially unusual in that, you might think. But he told me that on one occasion the police forbade him the option of reporting it as a racially motivated crime (as would be automatic, were roles reversed) but, as if to add insult to injury, they obliged him to report it as a "homophobic" assault - and he happens to be straight! I thought that was pretty bad.
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Andrea » 16 Jan 2015, 16:34

I just subjected myself to last night's BBC Question Time and, as usual, I was cringing. I was not surprised to see that the majority of the audience and the panelists were Left-wing Islamic apologists. I felt so sorry for Starkey, who is never supported (even though I daresay *most* people in the country agree with him) and is subjected to what is tantamount to a verbal pillory. It's so sad. I, for one, agree with David Starkey's (well-founded) views about Islam being ready for a Reformation and way behind our Christian countries. The man is a brilliant historian and he knows his stuff - and that odious individual Hasan kept rolling his eyes and interrupting Starkey. Who cares if Dr. Starkey made a mistake by calling him "Ahmed" - he's quite old now and he may have simply forgotten the man's name.
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Elliott » 19 Jan 2015, 08:19

I watched the clips of this on Youtube and I have to say, Mehdi Hasan strikes me as an utterly disingenuous, untrustworthy and malicious bully. There is something evil about him.
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Charlie » 19 Jan 2015, 13:05

I agree, Elliott.

Hasan is the most brazen, disgusting character.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the least surprised that he’s back on QT; even though his last appearance on the show exposed him as a massive hypocrite.

The fact that he was invited back, though, shows - in my opinion - that Bruce Charlton is right: Mass Media is the greatest evil of our times.
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Paul » 29 Jan 2015, 22:50

The following is a comment posted on a blog post (at Takis), by a Canadian, about the situation in Canada regarding education.

I know very little about Canada. I have always thought that Canada would be one of the last bastions of Western thought and tradition (read white European-descended culture), more so than the USA, about which we now hear some depressing facts. This has shocked me to the core, even in these times.

Apologies to Canada and right-minded Canadians. It is not my intention to denigrate the country or its people. It is in fact a tragedy for those people, all of them ultimately. I will go so far as to say this information has frightened me.

I can't speak from personal experience about university as I never attended, though my more sensible friends who did have relayed some cultmarx horror stories to me. I did however have plenty of nutjob lefty teachers in ye olde Canadian school system.... I think back on my white-guilt pushing Grade 8 ( or as they say in America 8th grade ) teacher. She was a sandalled, pony-tailed new age boomer feminista who taught us sex ed and made anal sex sound like something superlatively virtuous and deserving of a UNESCO Heritage Site, while making abortion sound like the pinnacle of human achievement and pregnancy sound like a form of syphilis. She taught us all about global warming and even took us on a field trip to have David Suzuki ( who has 5 kids and numerous mansions ) tell us how we shouldn't have kids, humans are a cancer on the Earth and the planet will be better when we all die off.... I was taught, however, by a fair number of more sensible teachers, who were more objective and didn't use their posts as soapboxes. About 15 years since I was in junior high ( or middle school as it's called in some parts ) , I shudder to think how much more in the vein of my Grade 8 teacher the majority of the educators are now. I work for a wholesale book distributor, mostly selling to schools. Seeing many of the books they're buying for the kids saddens me... book after book ( many of them official UN releases ) about how the human race is awful and evil and killing Gaia and we all need Agenda 21 to take our land away. Books about "We Day". We got one in the other day called " Separate is Never Equal " which takes the cake for silliest title. And as one would guess, the new big trend in kid's books is ones about how little Danny discovered it was really a girl trapped in a boy and it's mommy took it to the doctor to get estrogen shots. The publisher can't print the transchildren books fast enough. Kendra has 15 mommies, Heather has 5 GenderQueer Co**operative Development Facilitators, etc. Personally I don't care if adults want to have bizarre relationships or alter themselves in some way as long as tax dollars don't have to subsidize it ( which of course they usually do). It's the way they're targeting small children with this stuff that disgusts me. I read a piece the other day where this doctor out of New England was bragging about how he can "do wonders" with gender re-assignment if he can "can get to them young enough." (his exact words) At least let these poor befuddled kids wait till they're 20 and see if they still want to do all this and get a job to pay for it. The social engineers truly are preying on the young and innocent and trying to create another even more advanced generation of degenerates.

The article from whence it came is rather anti-Canadian (but really it's anti leftist madness Canadian) and is by the outspoken American, Jim Goad.

http://takimag.com/article/somethings_l ... z3QAfqi6R9
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Charlie » 02 May 2016, 07:18

There are of course some really good books out there about political correctness, but I must say that I was impressed by Thilo Sarrazin's Principles of PC list, which concisely describes the current state of inversion:

1. Inequality is bad, equality is good.

2. Secondary virtues like industriousness, precision and punctuality are of no particular value. Competition is morally questionable (except in sports) because it promotes inequality.

3. The rich should feel guilty. Exception: Rich people who have earned their money as athletes or pop stars.

4. Different conditions of life have nothing to do with people’s choices but with the circumstances they are in.

5. All cultures are of equal rank and value. Especially the values and ways of life of the Christian occident and Western industrialised nations should not enjoy any preference. Those who think differently are provincial and xenophobic.

6. Islam is a religion of peace. Those who see any problems with immigration from Islamic countries are guilty of Islamophobia. This is nearly as bad as antisemitism.

7. Western industrialised nations carry the main responsibility for poverty and backwardness in other parts of the world.

8. Men and women have no natural differences, except for the physical signs of their sex.

9. Human abilities depend mainly on training and educations; inherited differences play hardly any role.

10. There are no differences between peoples and races, except for their physical appearance.

11. The nation state is an outdated model. National identities and peculiarities have no particular value. The national element as such is rather bad; it is at any rate not worth preserving. The future belongs to the world society.

12. All people in the world do not only have equal rights, they are in fact equal. They should at least all be eligible for the benefits of the German welfare state.

13. Children are an entirely private affair. Immigration takes care of the labour market and of any other demographic problems.

Nicely explained, I thought.
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Gabriel » 01 Feb 2017, 23:07

In Brazil, where I live, PC isn't widely accepted as the norm yet, but things moving fast towards it. I think PC is the death of truth. So, I found this video very interesting (audio in English with Portuguese subtitles):


What do you think?
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Re: Political correctness

Postby Andy JS » 08 Feb 2017, 03:42

Gabriel wrote:In Brazil, where I live, PC isn't widely accepted as the norm yet, but things moving fast towards it. I think PC is the death of truth. So, I found this video very interesting (audio in English with Portuguese subtitles):


What do you think?

Very interesting, thanks for posting Gabriel. It sounds like the video was made in Australia from the accents. I think people in that country tend to be very slightly less politically correct than other English-speaking countries, and it's nice to see some young people standing up against PC. I know New Zealand is very politically correct: I visited the country for the first time (from the UK) a few months ago, and you have to be careful not to say anything that might be misinterpreted as politically incorrect there.
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