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Eric Pickles' letter to Muslims

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2015, 13:03
by Gavin
The government is in a difficult position - I suppose we can all agree that - because things have now gone so far in this country that to assert the truth is to invite open war with Muslims. But still I find the recent letter from Eric Pickles to be shockingly PC. The government should remember that ultimately they are the government, they have the full force of the state at their disposal, and their primary duty is to the people who have had complete change forced upon them.

He begins the letter by wrongly addressing the Muslims in Urdu, or whatever their language is, instead of using the universal language of this country, and the language for formal discourse: that is the English language, in case the reader might have forgotten by now. His doing so will surely be regarded as sycophancy and weakness.

He says the "great faith" of Islam has been "hijacked", whereas all evidence suggests that jihadis are actually doing exactly what the Qur'an instructs and exactly what Muhammed did. That is where the primary problem lies, as they must know.

"British values are Muslim values" says Mr Pickles, but this is not true. Muslim values are very clearly to do well to other Muslims who are also following the Qur'an but certainly not to regard non-believers or apostates well.

Mr Pickles says mosques are being provided with "the support they need", but they do not need "support", they need scrutiny.

He then advises Muslims to contact Tell Mama, which is now discredited, if they feel victimised (which, let's face it, they probably do if the day ends in a "y").

Mr Pickles then labels as "thugs" the EDL, who spoke out about the mass rapes and grooming gangs (and were vilified for doing so) way before the government dared do anything at all. They may be rough around the edges, but they have been proven correct on such matters. Only intellectuals could have closed their minds to the obvious.

Finishing by mentioning Islam's "true message of peace" (to other Muslims only, I might add) Mr Pickles signs off. It is a very inoffensive letter, or should be - to Muslims - because it is full of untruths and weighed very much in their favour. But still they claimed to be offended by one short line appealing to them to demonstrate that Islam can be part of British identity. Perhaps this offended them mainly because they know they can't. But anyway, if such an innocuous appeal can cause objection then this is a measure of the problem we are up against - what if Mr Pickles had told the truth?

Faced with such intransigence, it seems that sooner or later one government is going to have to get tough with UK Muslims.

Re: Eric Pickles' letter to Muslims

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2015, 13:48
by Nathan
I actually hadn't read the transcript of what he wrote, just some predictable blah blah blah in the Guardian from somebody outraged that he singled out Muslims only.

British values are Muslim values. Like all faiths, Islam and its message of peace and unity makes our country a better and stronger place, and Britain would be diminished without its strong Muslim communities.

Oh, dear God... What message of peace and unity, and how would we be diminished without having Muslim enclaves in so many of our towns and cities?

Re. "the thugs of the EDL and the vitriol they espouse", if the Islamic situation gets as bad as many of us think it will, I wonder when the day will come when the fact that I have been to an EDL march and ended up getting arrested for something I didn't do will become a source of bragging rights in fashionable circles? I was a political prisoner, dammit, and I gave them a false name and got away with it!

Re: Eric Pickles' letter to Muslims

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2015, 19:16
by Jonathan
It's incredible that someone can write about Islam's message of peace and unity, knowing that the middle east - the one place where Islam and its message are predominant - is one of the least unified and least peaceful places on earth.

Re: Eric Pickles' letter to Muslims

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2015, 20:30
by Gavin
It's a clear sign that multiculturalism doesn't work that we need a "Communities Secretary" at all, isn't it?