People who want to be younger than their years

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People who want to be younger than their years

Postby Yessica » 24 Jan 2015, 14:06

This is not about all 40 year olds, just some.

I am in my twenties. Ioften come across middle aged persons who are trying to "be a lousy copy of me" or rather of my generation or even the generation of teens imitating our supposed hairstyles, ways of talking and values.

There is a 40yo I know who is still proud of how he annoyed his parents at 20. Not much seems to have happened in his life since then. He asked me if I never tried to annoy my parents. Yes, I did and liked it a lot... but I was thirteen. I don't think it is "bad" - just pretty silly and a waste of time and if you are 40 and still think it's cool that shows that your parents are far too important in your life.

That makes me a little sad - for several reasons

1. They are being a lousy copy. My friends and me and many of our peers are far more mature and grown up than our 40yo copies.
2. "Being a teenager" is just not possible without grownups. Throughout history twelve year olds have been seen as miniature grown ups, who had to work for a living. Fortunately we do not live in this times anymore. Thanks to adults who worked hard, invented things and fought for democracy. Without the sacrifice of those adults a carefree youth would just be impossible.
3. Without other adults, real adults acting like adult the carefree lives of this bunch of people wouldn't be possible today. Eternal teenagers are often of the artsy type which is great for our world would be poorer without the arts but they would look pretty stupid if the people they look down on would suddenly stop doing their work. They might look down on the "square" who holds an office job at the gasworks but if they were left without heating and warm water their opinion would change pretty quick.

When I am fourty I hope to be pretty well-read and well educated, hope to have given my children a good start in life and I will have more children or work (don't know yet) and I'll be happy to be 40 because of all the wisdom my 40 years on earth will have helped me to aquire.

*lol* When I was 15 I wrote things which I thought were pretty smart (back then). when I l.ater looked at what I wrote it was so silly - so let's see what I think if I look at this again aged 40.
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