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Re: Contemporary popular music

Postby Gavin » 26 Feb 2016, 11:05

Paul Joseph Watson tackles this topic in usual uncompromising style:

However, I think such thick "music" owes its popularity principally to two other factors: piracy and demographics (which read dysgenics).
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Re: Contemporary popular music

Postby Gabriel » 25 Jun 2016, 14:58

I can say something about Brazilian contemporary music. It's a mixed bag. We have such good writers-performers, as Vanessa Da Mata, Tiê, Lenine, who are quite popular, but, of course, not as popular as what is called, erroneously, "funk", which is broadcast in every kind of media, ad nauseam. This "funk" praises such things as one's appearance, sexual promiscuity, crime, shiny objects (cars, jewellery), and so it goes. Even worse, it's not even original, it's just a bad mimicry of North American gangsta rap, which is already bad. So, a bad imitation of something bad.
Here's an example of one of the top hits' "lyrics" around here right now:

"O pai dela diz que eu sou ruim (Her father says I'm bad)
Não presto e não tenho din (I'm no worthy and have no dough)
Sou vagabundo até o fim (I'm a tramp to the end)
Enfim... Elas gostam assim (In short... They [women] like it that way)
É, é, é elas gostam assim (Yes, yes, yes they like it that way)"

And the video:

See, young people (children and adolescents) see this kind of behaviour glamourized, so they grow up thinking it is good. And parents are to blame too.
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