Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin

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Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin

Postby Charlie » 17 Jul 2016, 12:21

I was just wondering: has anyone read Peter McLoughlin's book, titled Easy Meat, about the grooming scandal? If not, I recommend that you do. You can think of it as a sort of complement to Tommy Robinson's Enemy of the State.

It's weird in a way, since none of the revelations in Easy Meat will surprise readers of this forum, yet everything that McLoughlin has carefully and comprehensively documented in the book is staggering, which makes we wonder how Joe Public would react if Easy Meat and its findings gained some kind of mainstream attention.

Furthermore - and I'll try not to say too much - here, in my view, are three of the book's most salient points:

1. People need to be careful when they focus on Rotherham. Why? Because figures in the mainstream media have attempted to scapegoat the town, and they would have the public believe that the goings on there were a bug, not a feature. What the mainstream media and the rest of the establishment don't want people to realise is that the same things have been going on all over the country, on the same sort of scale, and that state institutions have all, without exception, failed in their duty to protect the young girls involved.

2. The Rotherham case is useful in the sense that the numbers and patterns of behaviour there are indicative of what has been going on nationwide, which means that a six-figure victim count is likely. Furthermore, despite all the revelations in recent years, there are still at least a thousand grooming gang cases nationwide each year. In the Netherlands, the Dutch dealt with this same problem years ago and nipped it in the bud. Why can't the British state do the same?

3. Most people don't seem to realise just how much Pakistani communities have covered this up to protect their own (although to be fair, speaking out about it would probably invite violent retribution). It's entirely obvious when you think about it, but it really took McLoughlin's book to spell this out to me. And for every man who has been prosecuted, ten get away scot-free.

I won't describe the book any further because I really think that everyone who reads this should buy a copy; McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson deserve our support.

I'll just finish this by quoting a couple of comments I read on Bonald's Throne and Altar blog. The first comes from someone called Luqman, who claims to be a British Pakistani Muslim. I found it staggering:

A couple of factors add together to make these Pakistanis pernicious in British society, not in any particular order:

1) Low IQ: A good number are sourced from the dregs of Pakistani society. For example, a large number of Pakistani immigrants originate from ONE Pakistani (Kashmiri to be precise) town called Mirpur. This is to the extent that the place is referred to as Little England. It is also one factor in the exceptional endogamy practiced by Pakistanis in Britain, they marry their own. The Indian subcontinent has for thousands of years had an extremely stratified and caste based polity. Even when the populations converted to Islam they maintained their own version of a caste system. This is also the case for Sikhism. Muslims and Sikhs derived from Brahmin populations will not have the same temperament as those derived from say, formerly Untouchable castes.

2) Total loss of values: Some second generation onwards British Pakistanis are westernized (but not western) in such a way that they lose (but do not reject) the values of their parents and gain (but may profess to reject) modern values. Some first generation immigrants will be culture-shocked into a similar state.
Both of the above tie into:

3) Tribalism: Endogamy results in more tribal behaviour. Westerners are on the other hand very open to those not of their own (arguably pathologically). This tribalism may lead British Pakistanis into considering the host population as hostile and dehumanizing them. I dont see Pakistani men preying on many young women of their own origins.

Therefore I agree with the title of this post, with the caveat that religious issues can exacerbate the above. Seeing the West as an oppressor of Muslims only worsens us vs. them behaviour. Remember that, while likely not true anymore, Muslims see the West as Christian nations, or even an encompassing Christian nation.

From my perspective (Pakistani Muslim currently residing in England) the current situation can only end in disaster if not rapidly dealt with, which isnt going to happen. Either there will be a massive (Kristallnacht level) reaction against Muslims in particular and immigrants generally or the country will submit and kill itself. Unfortunately, there are barely any realistic appraisals of the situation. The response generally veers between a reactionary extremity and total denial/support of destructive elements. The reasonable majority tend to keep silent.

Talk about coming from the horse's mouth!

The second really good point, which is made by Bonald and Peter Frost further up the page, is:

...the troublemaking generations of Pakistanis by-and-large are the ones that have assimilated.

Now there's some food for thought.
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Re: Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin

Postby Jonathan » 17 Jul 2016, 18:35

My copy arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, and I've gotten about a third of the way through it. I've not found it to be as easy a read as Tommy Robinson's, and not because of the subject matter. I do second your recommendation, but readers should be aware that this book takes a bit more work to digest.

I do recognize the points you've mentioned, even partway through, and I think they're quite a good summary of the key ideas. I might venture to add the timidity of the press and the social services, who almost universally avoided addressing the issue for fear of appearing racist.

That blog (Throne and Altar) also looks quite interesting. I shall try find the time to trawl through it...
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Re: Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin

Postby Charlie » 10 Aug 2016, 21:53

Nothing has changed:

Official data from South Yorkshire Police shows the force has recorded 161 offences of CSE in Rotherham since April last year alone.
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