Metacommentary (A TV Program Proposal)

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Metacommentary (A TV Program Proposal)

Postby Michael » 29 Nov 2013, 16:36

Hugh MacLeod, an artist, writer, and entrepreneur I like, recommended giving away most of your ideas, especially the ones you do not have time to develop yourself. You can always develop themselves yourself later if no one else picks them up, and if someone else does you get the satisfaction of seeing a concept become reality, even if you weren't directly involved.

To that end, here is my proposal for a 60-minute television program, possibly expanding to an hour for special episodes (more multiple episodes)

TITLE: Metacommentary
FORMAT: Documentary/chat show/educational
CONCEPT: A funny, highbrow, and extremely, viciously unkind current affairs program, mixing pre-recorded short documentaries, live interviews, and panel discussions putting forth a anti-progressive, conservative point of view.

The overall purpose of the program is two-fold: to present a conservative point of view to counter the prevailing public opinion and to educate the public about how media works. The goal would be for people to understand the 'opinion industry', the manufacturing and dissemination of opinion journalism, how it infects reporting on contemporary events, and the purposes it serves. The largest purpose is to show that journalism is incapable of consistently informing the public and is actually for their entertainment and pacification.

Each program would unfold in the same format, though the themes and topics addressed would be different. Each episode would begin with a stylized credit sequence set to an identifiable piece of music, the opening sequence varying in every episode to introduce the theme ("Feminism", "War", "Immigration", "Art", "Public Relations", "Cultural Marxism", "Population Control", "Prostitution", etc.).

A credit sequence somewhat similar to this (watch from 1:40 to 3:20):

Following this would be a documentary short subject of anywhere from 10-30 minutes as a lead in to the interviews and panel discussion.

The "extremely, viciously unkind" part comes both from the documentaries, which would pull no punches, and the panel discussions. Viewers would rapidly discern a difference in how guests are treated: intelligent, thoughtful people would be treated with great respect and asked challenging questions about their views, while people of little to no account intellectually would be roundly savaged, mocked, and outright slandered (with obviously fake apologies along with corrections in the end credits). For this reason I would not plan on the program lasting more than one 10-13 episode season, all of them filmed back to back before broadcast.

The program would end by dramatic readings of the hateful comments on its webpage, as well as mocking impersonations of the journalists who write nasty critiques of it on their blogs and websites. Those people would then be thanked for "paying for their own outrage" - their outrage at the show attracts viewers to it, and thus makes it continue. As a further insult the show would send fake invoices the hostile journalists asking for compensation for providing them with material to write about, which keeps them employed.
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Re: Metacommentary (A TV Program Proposal)

Postby Elliott » 08 Dec 2013, 05:59

I think the core is a very good idea. We need an analysis of how "the narrative" is constructed. I am often frustrated when I see how the media takes a line and just pushes it, with apparently no analysis of why they're doing it or what the effects will be or how much it corresponds to reality.

A programme dedicated to showing how people are led, or misled, would be very valuable.
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Re: Metacommentary (A TV Program Proposal)

Postby Roger » 01 Feb 2014, 15:54

I like the idea of a television programme that is intellectually highbrow yet unpretentious, but which delves into low culture and does so frankly and unapologetically. Something that is deconstructionist yet not postmodern or relativist, that explores obfuscated messages and cultural memes in a variety of media, that is satirical and playful yet not frivolous, as Dalrymple might say.

Perhaps such a programme would be described as a blend of Jonathan Meades, Brass Eye, Room 101, Adam Curtis and The Last Psychiatrist.
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