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This is a new section and up until a "reshuffle" in January 2013 users told a little about themselves in context in posts (often in their first posts), or above as they told how they heard of Dalrymple. Now though, if you would like to say a little more please feel free to start a thread with any title you like.

Introducing myself

Postby Gabriel » 02 Jun 2016, 17:55

Hello. I'm Gabriel. I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive me the inevitable errors in language.
I came to know about TD through Wikipedia's page on Alfred Kinsey. Upon reading his name, I remembered I'd seen his name elsewhere and became curious, so my research on TD began.
My political leanings are centre-left, but I've never been a radical, in fact I make a strong point in "being radical only in not being radical", for radicalism, being leftist, rightist or any other, only leads to blindness.
Where I live, the government is left-wing, and it's being this way for 14 years. For the poorest of the poorest in this country, life indeed got better, but on the other hand, I'm seeing things that make me think, "where's this going? What will be left of the values my family gave me?", such as hard work, education, tolerance, the importance of family etc..
We're being attacked by people who, although preach tolerance, are extremely intolerant themselves. I, for example, was born and raised a Christian (although I'm not anymore), am an heterosexual male, white, well educated, love to read about just everything, have a good income which I earn through work, married with a woman, have a baby daughter who is the absolute love of my life. For these things, I'm under subtle attack from various groups, many of them supported (financially, too) by our government, as if I'm some kind of oppressor. Give it time, the attacks will not be subtle anymore, but very open.
TD's opinions resonate with me, because I'm seeing those things happening first hand. Will I have, in the future, to be afraid of saying I'm proud of what I have achieved, because my words wil "offend" someone? There's so much to discuss: political correctness, welfare, prejudice, minorities (who, given the chance, would just oppress everyone), that I become a little confused.
Anyway, I like this forum because the discussions are always intelligent, the rules are great, and so we can say the truth without fear of being labeled "racist" or something like that. I know I'm not racist or elitist, I just want things to be fair.
(Just an example: someone is black, he can say "I'm proud of being black", but if someone says "I'm proud of being white", he's racist. Although I think we should not be proud of something we didn't do - being born into an ethnicity is not a choice.)

Sorry for the long post. And thank you very much for the extremely high level of these discussions.
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Re: Introducing myself

Postby Jonathan » 17 Jun 2016, 21:42

Hello Gabriel, and welcome to the forum.

Ah yes, Alfred Kinsey, of whom Dalrymple said that he spent the first half of his life classifying gall-wasps, and the second half classifying orgasms. What a phrase! I don't think I've ever seen a man's opus so wholly and contemptuously dismissed.

It's interesting that Dalrymple's writings can resonate with people who live on opposite sides of the globe. I wonder if you might give an example of the subtle attacks you're witnessing first hand? I'm observing similar things in Israel, which I usually blame on a hysterical and left-of-center press. For example, a year or so ago I watched a news item where they interviewed a married couple with a young child who were astonished that the government did not help them choose a preschool for their 3-year-old. The reporter, of course, was oozing indignation at their suffering. My wife and I wanted to slap them both. We chose preschools for all our children, it's not that difficult, and the last thing we want is the government interfering. But for the press, the extension of government powers is always something good.

And speaking of daughters, I was warned that they exert a magnetic effect on fathers, but I never believed it until my daughter was born. I must have taken more pictures of her smiling and laughing than all her brothers together. If my wife ever reads this post, I'll be in serious trouble :)
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Re: Introducing myself

Postby Gabriel » 18 Jun 2016, 20:31

Thanks, Jonathan!

Indeed, daughters are special. I always wanted a girl, so ... :) Her name is Letícia, which means "joy".
I live in Brazil. In the 2003 elections, after a few decades, a leftist government was elected. The right, which dominated the country for so long, did little or nothing in favor of the population. In order to mitigate this, the new government adopted a stance of "support to the needy" (minorities, the poorest part of the population, those who suffer prejudice etc.), which, in my opinion, is only palliative. Instead of better integrate these people into society, what the government does is give them favors. I give you two examples:
1) SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde, our "National Health System"), during this government, began to perform sex change surgery, for free. I think it's a huge disrespect, because some people need organ transplants, which are not made for lack of resources (financial, material). I mean, the government favors LGBT groups (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) at the expense of the general population;
2) The government implemented, in public universities, quotas for blacks: a percentage of seats is dedicated exclusively to blacks. The general criterion for admission in universities are the scores obtained in high school, but because of quotas, someone with a higher score may lose the seat to a black. In Brazil, the prejudice against blacks permeates the entire society, therefore, a black, during his or her life, goes getting less chances than a white, and this is the real problem. Making analogy with a tree: the tree is sick, and the government tries to solve it from the leaves, not from the root. (On a side note, the working middle class is slowly disappearing here, because of ever-increasing taxes, which are not returned to the voters, in the form of good services from the government.)
On the attacks, the following happened to me: on a discussion on Facebook about women's rights, I made a favorable comment, but one woman said that "they do not need or want men to fight for or with them." So, I realized that feminism does not want men and women have equal rights, it wants to crush men, simply. I understand that at one point, feminism was necessary, but how it is today, it's harmful. (I left Facebook this year, and I'm better off without it!)
Would I vote for a right-wing candidate? Hardly. But the left in Brazil did not deserve my trust, for when it took office, I saw some of my rights attacked. Here, political correctness has not the strength it has in Europe, for example, so I can still say a few things. But in the future, if nothing is done, there will come a day when I can't say what I think, for fear of being prosecuted.

I have so much to say, I must be careful not to divert from the subject!
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