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This is a new section and up until a "reshuffle" in January 2013 users told a little about themselves in context in posts (often in their first posts), or above as they told how they heard of Dalrymple. Now though, if you would like to say a little more please feel free to start a thread with any title you like.

Edinburgh introduction

Postby Stephen » 31 Jul 2016, 16:53


I heard of an earlier version of this forum through a video from Edinburgh blogger "Millenial Woes". I'm interested in discussing radical right ideas in Scotland and attended a London Forum meeting in Edinburgh a couple of months ago for this purpose, though all the speakers were English/Irish. It was a good experience. Perhaps we could get something more locally sourced going at some point.

I am author of a biography of a Scottish minister and began to get "red-pilled" five or so years ago through listening to Jonathan Bowden's talk on Thomas Carlyle and then investigating revisionism. Very interested in the reception of German ideas.

Best wishes to you all.
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Re: Edinburgh introduction

Postby Gavin » 02 Aug 2016, 14:04

Hi Stephen and thanks for coming along. Yes, we know Millennial Woes here! There are two conservatives in Scotland, then?! ;)

I tend not to use the alt-right parlance, because I think most meanings can be expressed in existing language and this also makes messages more accessible to people who have been indoctrinated by our leftist academia and the mainstream media (what they call "normies"). But the expression "red pilled" certainly is very apposite. It is an awakening for many to the fact that for most of the messages promoted as truth throughout education and media, the opposite is more likely to be true - be this that Africans are somehow hard-done-by or that men are the same as women or that socialism works. A complete fabric of lies, most interestingly easily refuted by mere everyday experience and personal instinct.

I have written about London Forum. I've also listened to quite a few of Jonathan Bowden's talks - usually on the Counter Currents podcast or on Richard Spencer's. I think we see a lot of truths across all of these alternative media sites now, but I don't often tweet their links. This is because I personally don't necessarily fully buy into their underlying themes and conclusions. But - I have been meaning to mention this - if in the future I do tweet links to articles there, please note this will be because I think that specific article makes sense and it doesn't mean I endorse every message of the entire site.

In the case of Counter Currents, I find Greg Johnson an enigmatic and very eloquent figure, but I wonder what he would make of the Nazi policy on homosexuality and I'm not fully sold on the Jewish conspiracy idea.

In the case of American Renaissance I find Jared Taylor not only very listenable but also irrefutable on race realism, however I would question the practicality or desirability of racial separatism and I find him weak on the degenerate state of many, many white people the world over.

My view is that we can accept race realism and just do away with political correctness and carry on, but perhaps these are (large) issues we can bring up in other threads. Please start - or search for and continue - threads regarding revisionism, if you like, and I will admit your posts to the forum.
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