How did you hear of Dalrymple?

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Re: How did you hear of Dalrymple?

Postby Charlie » 15 Apr 2016, 18:51

Jack wrote: Is it true the place is covered in litter? The only person who had been to England within the last ten years was a Greek chap who said, "Nah, you should see Greece - they chuck their old mattresses in the street!"

Hi Jack,

Welcome to the forum and please excuse the rather delayed response!

In answer to your question: yes, I would say that Dalrymple's descriptions of the litter problem in Britain are accurate. Unfortunately, littering is probably just one more sign of this country's slow, sad decline towards second or third-world status.

In fairness, though, this is also evident in other parts of North-West Europe, such as France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In any case, we had better hope that Bruce Charlton and Michael Woodley are incorrect.
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Re: How did you hear of Dalrymple?

Postby Jonathan » 19 Apr 2016, 18:54

Hi Jack,

I was in London for eight days about four years ago, and I must say I didn't notice the mess Dalrymple so often describes. I must mention that I spent all of my time in tourist attractions or on the subway (should I say "tube"?), so my observations were limited to a very specific area.

Of course, there are many possible explanations - perhaps I am less observant, or accustomed to a level of litter which outrages Dalrymple. Or maybe he's exaggerating a bit, because the phenomenon exemplifies the points he's trying to make.
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